The most tumultuous couple of the 70s rock scene got their start as Bwog staff writers.

“Dreams” and “Go Your Own Way” are commonly thought to be about Stevie Nicks and Lindsay Buckingham’s whirlwind, contentious romance. However, newly discovered first drafts of the iconic songs suggest a new meaning … something a little closer to Bwog’s heart.


Now here you go again, you say you want your freedom 
Well, who are we to keep you down? 
It's only right that you should write what your heart wishes
Whether that's a short form or events coverage 

Like an empty page, drives you mad
In the emptiness of remembering what could be 
What you could write 
And what you could write 
And what you could pitch 

Oh, thunder only happens in Lerner 
Bwoggers only pitch posts when they're Bwogging (at 9 pm) 
Say, others, they will come and they will go 
When you eat those green grapes you'll know 
You'll know (you should come to open meeting) (at 9 pm) (in Lerner 510) 

Go Your Own Way 

Writing for Spec 
Wasn't the right thing for me 
How can I ever change things
that I feel? 

If I could, 
Baby, I'd cover all the events 
How can I? 
When I also have class? 

You can come to meeting 
(Come to meeting) 
You can call it 
Another Bwoggy day 
You can come to meeting
(Come to meeting)

Rumours via Flickr