For my nighttime slurpies :)

Chef Mike’s – The olive oil and balsamic dressing bottle that’s always so separated. Delectable. 

John Jay – Caramel sauce next to the ice cream station. Extra points if there’s like a marshmallow or a few rainbow sprinkles in there.

Ferris – No beverage sippy bottle but instead one of the kind dessert ladies hands me a sip of water whenever I please <3

JJ’s – A “creamy weam” which is what my suitemate calls a combination of the vanilla milkshake (RIP)  and mango slushy (also RIP). 

Faculty House – Water from the fancy machine but with no carbonation or anything. Just flat water but feels fancy. 

Chef Don’s – Melted cannoli filling? Ew, no, this place scares me. Is Chef Don even a real person??

Hewitt – French vanilla cappuccino from the powdered machine it’s literally so good.

Diana – Not even a liquid just a tip: if you grab a water bottle from the top shelf of the fridge it will be marginally colder than the room temperature ones in the middle.

*Honorable mention to the Seagram’s ginger ale from any of the Coca-Cola machines. Makes me feel like I’m on an airplane when I’m in my university dining hall! Truly revolutionary.

Me via Flickr