Seen across the Barnumbia community, jorts are the new craze for cool cats.

Keynote: In this article, epidemic is used in a positive manner.

With temperatures reaching almost the 90s this past week, students were leaping at the first tastes of summer. People were covering the lawns until 2 am and it seems as though the Barnumbia community has tripled in the matter of a couple days. People were all coming out of hibernation and the strange winter season we had. A strange taste of summer in April shocked us all and brought out the best, and brightest in people. Seasonal depression, which I have recently learned is not a universal thing, was demolished (let’s not talk about how it got cold again). 

I, including many of my peers, have all participated in the new trend, jorts. For all of those who do not know what jorts are, they are denim shorts that happen to be long and large to the point where you might even be swallowed whole by your own pair of pants. Is it that we all enjoy paying tribute to the one and only Adam Sandler? 

Who really knows the answers to these inquiries. Not me.

Here are some of the Barnumbia students (it’s just Lily) in said jorts:

Lily is doing a thumbs up in this picture. Sorry I had to crop it out.
The jorts in action. This is a pair of darker blue jorts going down to Lily’s knees.
This is a picture of an even longer pair of jorts! What is the line between jorts and capris? They just keep getting longer!

Jorts are spreading quickly, and if you don’t hop on the trend, the jorts just might keep getting longer and longer and bigger and bigger until they are just very very large pants. I, including many other Barnumbia students, caught the baddest disease alive, making us the baddest in town. The jorts epidemic will not stop. It will never stop.

Images via Bwog Staff