The rats don’t run this city…dog poop does.

Happening in the World: Pope Francis has been treated with antibiotics for bronchitis after being taken into the hospital on Wednesday. The Pope is expected to be released from the hospital on Saturday. The hospitalization on Wednesday was met with concern around the world. The announcement on Friday that he would soon be released came as reporters and television crews loitered in a grassy area in front of the hospital, hoping to catch a glimpse of activity behind the windows of the suite where he was resting. (New York Times)

Happening in the US: Former President Donald Trump is expected to answer charges with the Secret Service in tow before a judge. He prepared on Friday to surrender to prosecutors in Manhattan next week; police are bracing themselves for protests across both democratic and republican fronts. The indictment of Trump has amassed wide press coverage with crews camping out across the criminal courthouse on Friday. Monday sees Mr.Trump making his way to New York. (New York Times)

Happening in NYC: New York is losing its battle against, of all things, dog poop. To combat the exponential rise of poop smeared streets, the city has enacted that dog owners who decline to pick up dog poop be fined $250. This rule does not seem to be working with only 18 tickets being issued in 2022. The approach to the city’s new, gross issue is to educate the public through public outreach programs. (Gothamist)

Happening in Our Community: Bachanal 2023! Columbia University’s annual concert is scheduled to take place starting 1 pm on Saturday, April 1st. The show includes top local artists like BAKAR and Doechii. Student artists selected from battle fo the bands will also be playing for a crowd of eager students. The weather is forcasted as being rainy, but that won’t stop the incredible musicians from putting on some radiating performances.

Dogs via Bwog Archives