Beware the Carman Shower.

If you or a loved one have recently been doused by a mysterious liquid falling from the sky outside Carman Hall, you are not alone.

No, it’s not a freak weather pattern that causes isolated downpours on this one corner of campus. And no, they have not recently installed gargoyles on Carman (as awesome as that would be).

I hate to bear bad news, but the real cause of this issue is far more annoying. People are just chucking shit out of windows. And unfortunately, this seems to have become a pattern as of late. Several Bwoggers—on separate occasions—report being on the receiving end of this cruel prank, including myself.

I just want to know why. Why are you doing this? 

I cannot express my shock when I was minding my own business walking down 114th, and out of nowhere—SPLASH. All over me. Soaked.

And this was not an insignificant amount of liquid. Oh no. A precise measurement is uncertain, but I would dare say it was a rather significant amount of liquid. It was at least enough to soak my entire person.

I repeat: why are you doing this?

It felt like an act of God. Like a curse. In that moment, I thought I was being struck down for some unknown transgression. But no. It was just an act of juvenile middle-school-level immaturity that, honestly, I should come to expect after three years at this institution.

Discussion of this water dumping has even reached a certain anonymous online discussion board:

We’re hoping it’s just water and not something more sinister, but fellow Bwoggers who unfortunately fell victim to the Carman Shower report being “sticky” after drying off. 

In a word: yuck.

It is unclear whether or not this behavior will continue, but consider this a PSA: If you’re walking down 114th, consider carrying an umbrella. Or just walk on the other side of the street.

Woman dumping water via Wikimedia Commons

Screenshot via Bwog Staff