Staff Writer Matthew Gay enlisted the help of Staff Illustrator Elias Reville to make our beloved Columbia statues iconic album covers!

  1. Pan as Katy Perry’s Teenage Dream: He’s got your heart racing in his skintight jeans… it’s everyone’s favorite nudist and reveler Pan! Hopefully this new and improved album cover will re-establish Pan into the echelon of modern pop culture and music, and we know Katy Perry will support being usurped by this sexy icon.
Pan as Teenage Dream via Staff Illustrator Elias Reville

2. Hamilton as Lin Manuel Miranda’s Hamilton: This is, of course, the only acceptable album cover for Hamilton to occupy. May he stand as tall as Hamilton Hall’s steep staircases- we love our little star! He definitely didn’t throw away his shot.

Hamilton as Hamilton via Staff Illustrator Elias Reville

3. The Thinker as Frank Ocean’s Blonde: I would think that I was dreaming if this sexy hunk told me that he loved me. I didn’t have any chance to prepare, and I couldn’t see it coming. The pensive guardian of Philosophy Hall would love Frank Ocean’s Blonde because his taste is immaculate. He’s definitely going to see Frank live at Coachella next weekend, so we wanted to offer this album cover as a placeholder for him while he’s gone!

The Thinker as Blonde via Staff Illustrator Elias Reville

4. The Lion as Beyoncé’s Renaissance: And finally, the pièce de résistance… Queen Bey atop our famous lion statue! Reneigh, Beyoncé’s iridescent alien horse, has been replaced by the Columbia lion, and he has never looked better! As Queen Bey embarks on her Club Renaissance tour this summer, the Columbia lion will carry her all around the world, bringing pride to our university and making us proud. He sneezed on the beat and the beat got sicker, now Yoncé’s all on his mouth like liquor.

The Lion as Renaissance by Staff Illustrator Elias Reville

All images via Bwog Staff