On Sunday, April 16, Staff Writer Maya Reisner and Arts Editor Grace Novarr attended EASTERX! the second installment of the XMAS! storyline.

Written in a week and produced in only 24 hours, EASTERX! encapsulated the insanity of coworkers gathering to spend their holiday break on a company trip to Cancun (which, according to the producers is based on a true story). At the forefront of the show’s creation are the triple threats Diana Gregoire (CC ’23) and Shania Pahuja (BC ’24) as directors, choreographers, and producers. Accompanying the dramatic play, written by Owen Mefford (CC ’24) are eight musical numbers, written by Daniella Sapone (BC ’25) and Brooks Gillespie (BC ’25).

After a brief recap of XMAS! the show opened with the coworkers on their flight to Cancun, where the early plotlines developed. Among the insanity are Blake (Kieran Lomboy, CC ’26) and his mother, played by Ava Markhovsky (BC ’25), (who is also on the trip for some reason) attempting to find his father, Holly’s (Lilly Gasterland-Gustafsson, BC’25) mission to locate and romance the son of god, and the illicit affair between Johnald and Ryan.

As they lounge in the pool, Johnald, played by (Paul Hanna, CC ’23), and Ryan (Jalen Ford, CC ’23), share kind words until, to Johnald’s dismay, it is revealed that Ryan has been engaged to David (Maxwell Seelig CC’26). At the discovery of this relationship (which has apparently been ongoing for five years), Johnald is heartbroken. Conflicted, Ryan sings “All I Want”, navigating his office fling with Johnald amidst his love for his fiance, David.

Devastated, Johnald wanders around the resort only to encounter three mermaids (Daniella Sapone, BC ’25, Shania Pahuja, BC ’24, and Diana Gregoire, CC ’23), two of which would go on to seduce him before he is found dead.

Veering to a parallel narrative, Ivy (Daisy Burkin, BC ’26) dressed as Cinderella, and Sexcretary (Hannah Karsting, CC’25) who resurrected from the dead and dedicated her life to being a nun, found themselves in the middle of a salacious romance. Ivy’s rendition of “Bad Cinderella” echoed through the room as the Sexcretary gave in to her urges, sharing intimate moments with Ivy.

Introducing yet another plotline, Gertrude (Emily McKiernan, BC ’23), Kathryn (Abigail Svelan, BC ’25), and Grennifer (Daniel Wolf Shneider, CC ’26) sang “It Was An Accident”, confessing to the murder of Clementine, an unknown character, via peanut butter cookies. Their general suspicious demeanors are called out when Arthur (Kevin Chaikelson, CC ’23) and Jackson (Erik Larsson, CC ’23), the HR guys, begin to investigate Johnald’s suspicious death.

Towards the end, the loose ends begin to be tied up and the mysteries plaguing the cast members are resolved. After several days of investigation, a variety of Hannah Montana transition music, and a wonderful tap number, Johnald rises from the dead, and it is revealed that his death was not foul play, but rather due to poisonous berries he consumed after being heartbroken by his coworker and lover, Ryan. Completing their search, Blake and his Mom learn that David is, in fact, both the Son of God, Ryan’s fiance, and his father. At this news, Holly finds not only her mystery man but fulfillment in her religious quest. Making up his mind and ending the love triangle, Ryan decides to end it with David, choosing Johnald as his partner and true love.

Despite a few lighting blips, knocked-over props, and lines being read off of phones, EASTERX! proved itself to be probably the most insane yet entertaining hour of my 18 years of existence. Yes, at some points I was confused, but this truly lent itself to making me empathize with the characters and encapsulating the mutual confusion as to what was occurring. After the success of the inaugural EASTERX!, I, and obviously everyone else in attendance, truly hope that this will become an annual performance.

“Finale” Musical Number via Maya’s iPhone