See how Bwoggers spent their Bacchanal weekend!

Bwog Bacchanal-ed:

  • Enjoyed my first and last Bacchanal very much.
  • I had a mid first half of Bacchanal and a very nice second half.
    • The sun really does solve all my problems, every time.
  • I woke up at 8 am for a pre-game.
    • Instantly regretted it.
  • Hosted a very successful 11 am pregame. Made actually decent mimosas and a lot of Eggo waffles. The crowd seemed pleased.
  • Hosted three parties in a row. My house is a mess.
  • Borged (Pink Starburst flavor).
  • Stayed sober for Bacchanal but it was still fun!
  • Went to Bacchanal. Saw Bktheruler, Bakar, and Doecii.
  • Had the time of my life at Bacchanal, I stood on an elevated surface at Beta (embarrassing).
  • Threw a successful Bacchanal afterparty at the last minute and had a lot of drunk fun.
  • Went back to my room to nap in the middle of Bacchanal. Correct choice.
  • Wore a tank top! Outside! And didn’t freeze! (The weather during Bacchanal was nothing short of miraculous).
  • Went to the tiny Bwog pre-party in Hamilton.
  • Heard the weekend described as “lazy and slutty” and really felt like that was accurate.
  • Learned what borg is. Much to think about.

Bwog did other really cool, exciting things:

  • Celebrated an anniversary!
  • Went to Genderfuck.
  • Took Jennifer Garner and her daughter on a tour for admissions.
  • Went to the Met for the first time since being a college student. Saw all my favorite paintings I would visit in high school but haven’t seen in a bit <333333
    • I love the Met so much!
  • Lost my mind (and voice) at Taylor Swift’s Era’s Tour!!!
  • Saw Nicholas Cage in the flesh.
  • Took some nice long walks.
  • Went on a Friday night field trip to new jersey for my herpetology class and found a bunch of frogs :o

Header image via Bwarchives