How a plant baby can be just what you need.

As a plant lover myself and a mother to seven plant children of my own, I speak from experience when I tell you that plants bring me so much joy. Plants are often seen as the perfect house pet, as they do not require a lot of maintenance and provide you with a lot of light and joy. Most people, however, hesitate to get plants out of fear that taking care of them is too much work.

Worry not when I tell you that plants require very little from you: as long as you water them every seven to ten days and just put them into their preferred light conditions (fully exposed, partial shade, shade, etc) they will grow into beautiful lush green plants. Plants can be a good companion, especially right now when flowers are blooming on the trees and the smell of summer is floating in the air. Think of the flower buds about to open, and how beautiful they are, or about the lawns and their sheer green which Columbia desperately strives to keep up – wouldn’t you want a slice of this cake of nature?

Whether it is your office, apartment, or dorm, there is always space for a plant. It will brighten up the dark corners of your room, giving it warmth and make it more welcoming. Think of getting a plant like investing in your happiness: studies have shown that getting plants and surrounding yourself with plants can help decrease blood pressure. It’s plant therapy! So switch out retail therapy for plant therapy and add color to your life!

Nevertheless, I know that sometimes it is hard to decide which plant is right for you, especially when you have a busy schedule. This is why I came up with a list of a few (not-so-good plant mom-approved aka me) which are almost un-killable.

  1. Jade Plant (Succulent): this baby needs no more than a little bit of humidity and to be watered once a month to grow.
  2. Air plants (Tillandsia): this weirdo does not have roots and is perfect for beginners and small spaces as it can be placed almost anywhere.
  3. Ficus plant (Moraceae): beautiful and lush, this plant is really easy to take care of when it has settled into its environment. It is also perfect to fill in those dusty corners!
  4. Snake plant (Asparagaceae): Funky and funny, this plant was made for the office. She likes to be watered but not too much and doesn’t need much space at all.

Here are a few plants to start your adventure this spring. Good luck and let your garden grow!

Plants via Bwog Archives