It’s a great time to be a Barnard single, but a very bad time to want one.

Today marks the second day of Barnard’s 123 lottery, with seniors and juniors picking into mostly singles with a sporadic double. At this point in the lottery, it’s not looking good for tomorrow’s juniors vying for singles. And sophomores who want singles should probably start praying/manifesting/giving up on their dreams. As for the lottery as a whole, there are 142 rooms left and 272 housing groups that have yet to pick. But miracles do happen! There could still be some housing magic in the air. 

What’s gone: Yesterday, all studio singles, Sulz tower singles, and most of 121 were selected. Today, seniors selected into the last suite-style singles. There aren’t any more rooms in 121 available and very few rooms in Cathedral Gardens. Overall, the dorms picked into were pretty varied (though Elliot, Plimpton, and Hewitt are front runners) and the common denominator was definitely scooped-up singles. 

What’s left: Doubles! And 20 coveted, corridor-style singles. There are 13 Hewitt singles and seven Elliot singles still open, which will all likely go very early tomorrow. Also looking scarce are the 6 Cathedral Gardens doubles. Sulz Tower has 12 doubles left, for those hoping to live on campus; and if you’re interested in corridor living, there are 12 doubles in Elliot, too. For those interested in a kitchen and suite-mates, there are still plenty of doubles available in 110, Plimpton, and 600, and a decent amount left in 616 and 620. There is also a single Hewitt double available—the dark horse of the housing lottery. 

Looking ahead: Tomorrow the rest of the juniors will pick into rooms. It’s a safe bet that all of the singles will be gone very early tomorrow and that Cathedral Gardens will also be completely snapped up. In general, it’s looking virtually impossible for any sophomores to get singles, and also pretty bleak for those with worse lottery numbers. (Hello, guaranteed list!) But good luck to everyone! May the odds be ever in our favor. 

A hot commodity via Barnard Residential Life