Columbia’s student-run dance performance group, Orchesis, hosted their early 2000s-themed end-of-year performance, a culmination of all of the hard work the dancers and choreographers put into running this show. The group even included this strange device on their merchandise—it might be called a flip phone???—and called on the Juicy Couture gods to bless their show.

Juicy CoutOrchesis, Columbia Orchesis’s grand spring performance, took the stage Saturday night. Lines were long nearing 9:30 pm as students and parents arrived to see the 2000s themed show. Aptly named after the Juicy Couture brand, famous for their colorful, velvet tracksuits that were enormously popular over 20 years ago, Orchesis transported the audience back to many of the performers’ childhoods. The show featured many numbers including Nelly Furtado’s “Maneater” and Rihanna’s “Consideration.”

The show was a combination of the fast-paced, intense movements of “Maneater” and “Fergalicious,” plus the slower, more thoughtful works of “Limp” and “Maggie.” Most of the audience was delighted to finally go to a dance performance featuring music they actually know! Loud cheers and shout-outs are encouraged, as well as lots of photos and videos. The casual atmosphere allowed for an even more fun and enjoyable viewing experience with lots of laughs and lots of appreciation when the dancers took to the stage to perform “Bootylicious.” 

Maneater was a powerful start to the show, with bold moves and perfectly synchronous formations. However, no subsequent numbers were equally as powerful. Some of the most fun numbers including “See You Again” and “Seize the Day” stood out due to the massive audience participation. The iconic Newsies number generated a lot of support as even people who claim they don’t like musicals were having fun. The choreography, heralding from the Original Broadway Cast’s choreography, was a fun element that invigorated the newspaper-bearing dancers. Additionally, my favorite number, “Fergalicious” stole the stage with its booty-popping upbeat choreo. Which was later followed by the one and only “Bootylicious,” a fun choreo that really emphasized, well, butts. In the end, however, it was clear that the goal of the show was not centered around technical skills but instead it was just an outlet for the dancer to have fun. In that respect, the show was a success!

Some pieces did not fit the theme of the show quite so well. The slower numbers including “Maggie” and “Limp” were beautiful to watch but the contemporary style and mournful music heralded nothing of the early 2000’s genre that Juicy CoutOrchesis promised. Well known and excitable pop beats were what was expected, so seeing slower numbers like Conan Gray’s “People Watching” was confusing. There was also an unexpected break in the decade’s genre. The music for the pieces Ignite, choreographed by Romane Lavendier and “Like Real People Do,” choreographed by Eliza Rudalevige were released a bit too late to be considered early 2000’s. And while what Orchesis deems early 2000s may be different, seeing recent artists felt out of place and took away from the overall aesthetic.

One of Orchesis’s major goals is to foster excitement and appreciation for dance by championing inclusivity. As Columbia’s biggest student-run dance organization, they welcome any and all students on Columbia’s campus regardless of skill level, grad students included! Many dancers even join having no prior experience. Besides encouraging dancers, Orchesis is unique in that all of the pieces you see on stage are 100% student-choreographed. The backdrop, music, and sick moves are all crafted by teams or solo choreographers who want to share their art. It’s also cost-free!

Below is a full lineup of the show!

  • Maneater
    • Choreography: Isabel McFarland, BC ’25, and Suzanne Ye, BC ’25
    • Music: “Maneater” by Nelly Furtado
  • People Watching
    • Choreography: Talia Bloom, BC ’26, and Sherry Chen, BC ’26
    • Music: “People Watching” by Conan Gray
  • Circus—Interlude
    • Choreography: Elaje Lopez and Sophia Lopez
    • Music: “Circus” by Britney Spears
  • See You Again
    • Choreography: Haley Scull, BC ’25
    • Music: “See You Again” by Miley Cyrus
  • Jungle
    • Choreography: Bella Fenn and Jennifer Oettinger
    • Music: “Jungle” by Emma Louise
  • Instruction
    • Choreography: Effy Jo, BC ’24
    • Music: “Instruction” by Demi Lovato
  • Work It—Choreographer Interlude
    • Choreography: Isa Farfan, BC ’24
    • Music: “Work It” by Missy Elliot
  • Ignite
    • Choreography: Romane Lavandier, BC ’24
    • Music: “Yellow Flicker Beat” by Lorde, “Flicker (Kanye West)” by Lorde
  • Evergreen
    • Choreography: Lucy Kudlinski, BC ’24
    • Music: “Evergreen” by Omar Apollo
  • Seize the Day
    • Choreography: Pimprenelle Behaeghel, BC ’24, and Annika Voorheis, BC ’24
    • Music: “Seize the Day” by Newsies Original Broadway Cast
  • Maggie
    • Choreography: Molly Leahy, BC ’24
    • Music: “Maggie” by Jeremiah Fraites
  • Fergalicious—Senior Interlude
    • Choreography: Maya Puri, SEAS ’23
    • Music: “Fergalicious” by Fergie
  • Limp
    • Choreography: Amanda Klepper, SEAS ’23
    • Music: “Limp” by Fiona Apple
  • Like Real People Do
    • Choreography: Eliza Rudalevige, CC ’23
    • Music: “Like Real People Do” by Hozier
  • Consideration
    • Choreography: Adi Mayer, BC ’23, and Isabella Farfan, BC ’24
    • Music: “Consideration” by Rihanna
  • Bootylicious—Interlude
    • Choreography: Elijah Ellison, CC ’26
    • Music: “Bootylicious” by Destiny’s Child
  • Boom x See You Again
    • Choreography: Krystal McCook, BC ’24
    • Music: “Boom” by Doja Cat and “See You Again: by Tyler, the Creator, Kali Uchis
  • Bey-naissance
    • Choreography: Athena Pagon, SEAS ’23
    • Music: “Move” and “Heated” by Beyonce
  • Crazy In Love—Finale
    • Choreography: 2023 Orchesis Board
    • Music: “Crazy In Love” by Beyonce and Jay-Z

Additionally, Orchesis hosts a number of satellite projects in the surrounding community. They sponsor the annual MaMa Project, an evening-length dance performance, and host master classes open to dancers of all levels, both of which are choreographed and run by student volunteers and alumni!

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