These benches are simply more than just a place to sit

As the sun begins to shine more and the trees begin returning to life with greenery, taking a stroll in the park begins to sound more appealing. While meandering through Riverside during the end of the semester could simply be just another way of procrastinating studying for finals, it is also a place for reading, running, biking, feeding the squirrels, waiting for a friend, and of course, reading each and every plaque dedication there is on benches.

These benches aren’t only made out of wood, but of memories that are shared with the public. Whether it’s a dedication to a spouse, child, friend, or even a Labrador Retriever, these inscriptions aren’t engraved without love. The next time you decide to meander in our beloved neighborhood park, take the time to slow down and read some of the plaques you pass by. Or if you’re too swamped by the end-of-the-semester stress, don’t worry! Below are some of the cutest, and slightly heart-wrenching, and perhaps silliest, park bench dedications.

Photos via Tara Terranova