It’s Foulweather now.

Prezbo announced in an email today that, reflecting recent events, Fayerweather has been renamed. The history department and part of GSAPP will now be housed in Foulweather.

Mudd will still be named Mudd.

The Complete Email Can Be Seen Below:

Dear fellow members of the Columbia community,

Recent weeks have seen the campus bloom to life as we have neared ever closer to the end of the semester and graduation. To all of the seniors, congratulations, and I wish everyone else a warm summer before returning in the fall.

The last two weeks have been a turbulent time on campus. Every surface has been thoroughly drenched and puddles have appeared across campus. With this in mind, we have announced several changes to campus. 

Fayerweather Hall will now be named Foulweather Hall in honor of Marcellus Hartley Foulweather SEAS’49, LAW’52. SSOL will be updated shortly to reflect this change. 

The Columbia Core has been a crucial part of every undergraduate’s experience. Reflecting recent weather patterns, Columbia College students can now complete the swim test by crossing from one side of campus to the other in front of Butler Library.

From the President’s House, Jean and I send our warmest and driest regards.  


Lee C. Bollinger

Foulweather via Author