Congrats to this iconic Dartmouth—I mean Barnard—I mean Columbia student!

Name, School, Major, Hometown: Sadia, Columbia College, Computer Science, Queens! New York!

Claim to fame: People saying sorry and mistaking me for a Barnard student, even after knowing me for months (don’t be sorry – I’m flattered). Others saying they see me on Barnard’s campus way more than on Columbia’s. 

Where are you going? New York! Forever!

What are 3 things you learned at Columbia and would like to share with the Class of 2027?

1. Join a club or two! You shouldn’t feel pressured to do only pre-professional activities. I think the best thing you can do on campus is to find a community you can have fun in. On the same note, don’t fret if you get rejected from a club. And please don’t apply to them again. I know people who have applied and gotten rejected from the same clubs multiple semesters in a row, and it’s really not worth your energy. You can find a valuable space somewhere else!!

2. Have meals with your friends. Take more pictures. Be spontaneous. Go to campus events. Watch performances. It’s not common for other colleges to have the capacity or engagement to host huge events like Night Market or Glass House Rocks. Your education experience shouldn’t be limited to whatever classes you take – be part of this community and have things to remember!

3. Take a class in the arts! One of the best decisions I’ve made was taking a silkscreen course during my last semester here. I know a bunch of people who have had a great time taking a dance class here, even with minimal background experience. Yes, you can probably take most of these classes outside of this institution. But the experience of learning and performing with your peers can be so precious! Also, having access to our print shop is quite nice. 

“Back in my day…” Low Plaza had a silly tent. For way too long. Futter Field had one too. These things actually happened not that long ago. This question is not too friendly for people who transferred in during the pandemic.

Favorite Columbia controversy? Sian Beilock saying Dartmouth instead of Barnard 

What was your favorite class at Columbia? So many! I loved “Theatre Traditions in a Global Context” with Shayoni Mitra (but I imagine any class with her is amazing), “Digital Psychoanalysis” with Karen Seeley, “Korean Literature & Film” with Theodore Hughes, “Complicating Class: Education and the Limits of Equity” with Rachel Throop, and “Life at the end of Life.” Haha I definitely have way more to list, but I’ll stop here!

Would you rather give up oral sex or cheese? Mmm I love cheese.

Whom would you like to thank?
I have a lot of friends to thank for and this part was originally too long because I was individually thanking too many people! Here are a few: 

Duan, for showing me all of your silly friends, swaying me to do lion dance, and for always using your swipes on me. Nami, for being someone to laugh with and for having such good energy. Cindy, for the honks and sillies. Amy, for slapping my brain and making me realize that some people are not worth my time and energy. Lida, for having such a good laugh and never being annoyed when I visited your suite all the time. Frankie and Juliet, for leaving me in awe and confusion everytime you guys do your weird roleplay or English major-esque word games. Magan, for making me smile even when I’m feeling crazy. Kelsey, for being such an inspiration for anyone on campus, letting me complain about problems, and really doing things to help your communities. Madeline and Gabi, for being incredibly kind and funny freshmen, and for giving me hope that lion dance can be a good space for future generations. Alan and Erik, for showing me that you can stick close to campus and have fun even years after graduating. The alumni of lion dance, who helped build and preserve the club. Q Haus, for being my home this past year and for even letting me in as a senior. All of my professors, especially from the seminar electives I took this past year, the TAs I met with during office hours (except for the patronizing one), the Design Center, all of the dining staff (but especially at Hewitt), facilities (Debbie at Barnard!! And Rob at Q Haus!), and all of my unnamed friends who helped me have a fun time here (you know who you are). 

Most of you will probably never read this, but thank you for everything.

One thing to do before graduating: To befriend the man that takes care of Barnard’s flowers and greenery and kind of looks like Gordan Ramsey. 

Any regrets? Going to surf and turf twice. Once was enough. Going to Spec dinner. Being pre-med. Living at Carlton Arms for a year. Not going to a Potluck House dinner, even though I asked Eben if I could and promised him a tiramisu. Spending a period of my life not knowing what Hewitt was. Not talking to more of my classmates!

Sadia via Sadia