And in the legendary tradition of Bwog’s previous Editorial Boards—or rather, just the previous two—we close this semester with a tune. You may only read it as a poem, but just like the Sappho we read in LitHum, know that you’re missing something.

Now, how about a little jig to celebrate the end of the semester, folks?

(To the tune of “The New Saint Jude” by Andrew Bird)

Come on, all you stand-up men

You self-empowered Bwoggers

And all the lucky ladies

Who write Bwogletters

We keep moving through the days

As if they’ll never leave here

But ever since we gained PrezRo

I’ve been feeling so much bwetter

Yeah I’m feelin’ so much bwetter

But ever since we gained the Baroness

I’ve been feelin’ so much bwetter

So here’s a mighty education

That’s unsure to secure what avails ya

Really, everyone’s just a disappointment

And everyone’s failed some

But still, we will graduate

In our finest regalia

Like a choir of world changers

A congregation of lion-bears buds

I’m feelin’ so much bwetter

Ever since we gained PrezRo

I’ve been feeling so much bwetter

So fill your lungs now

Cause we’ll be singin’

We’ll be singin’

We love you, Bwog News

We’ll BC-ing

We love you, CU

Feelin’ so much bwetter

Feelin’ so much bwetter

Feelin’ so much bwetter

Feelin’ so much bwetter

If you didn’t see it in our Semester in Review, Kyle Murray will continue leading Bwog’s 2023 Editorial Board as Editor-in-Chief, with Elijah Knodell as Managing Editor and Hannah Revels as Internal Editor. Charlotte Slovin, our publisher, is graduating! Joining us, and the succeeding board next January, is the new publishing team of Sydney Wells and Sophie Conrad. Board wants to thank everyone on staff for their love, commitment, and enthusiasm for Bwog over this past semester.

Over the summer, expect a few one-off surprises. Regular content will resume in mid-summer with FreshLetter and NSOP-themed coverage. Bwog Staff Writer, Daily Editor, and Illustrator applications will be available in the fall. 

In the meantime, please email to guest write. Really, any Columbia undergraduate—even if you haven’t stepped on campus yet!

Readers, thank you for your continued support. We wish you all a relaxing summer. 

The Joyous Festival (circa 1906) by Gaston La Touche via Artvee