Welcome to campus, Class of 2027! Bwog hopes you’re enjoying your introduction to campus life. Hopefully you’re settled into your room and are quickly getting the hang of life in New York City. And if you haven’t, learning is the more enjoyable process anyway. Either way, Bwog is here for you.

Today’s Highlights:

  • Your Immersion Experience! Enjoy New York City and all it has to offer! (Except if you’re COÖP, then enjoy the woods).

One Thing To Do Before Graduating: Go down to Rockaway Beach or Coney Island with your best friends. The train ride itself is an hour and a half from campus, so spend that time giggling and appreciating each other’s presence despite any judgment from fellow riders. Make that glorious walk to the shore from the subway and admire the duality of the city. Enjoy the sun and tranquility with your friends. You’ll never get this time back, so bask in each other’s company now. 

From The Archives: As trash bins are slowly installed in Manhattan, rats are making their departure. Fortunately, Bwog was once able to clinch an amazing interview from a New York City rat itself!

New York City Sunrise via Bwarchives