The start of things is in the air…

Today’s Highlights:

  • First class-wide meeting for CC and SEAS! (9-11 am)
  • Campus Tours with your Orientation Leaders (Afternoon)
  • Academic Resource Fair (2-4 pm)
  • Rally Round Columbia (7:30-9 pm)
  • Lerner Central Open (8-10 pm)

One Thing To Do Before Graduating: Try acupuncture at Harlem Chi. Study abroad, even if only for a summer. Live off-campus. Take wacky classes just for fun. Go watch a movie at the Film Forum.

From The Archives: Last year, the JJ’s Place Milkshake Machine was gone. We were milkshakeless for a considerable amount of time. It was awful. One investigative journalist on staff took the story into her own handstwice.

Bacchanal via Bwarchives