How has it only been a week!? And what a rainy week it was. Here is what Bwog did to occupy themselves this gloomy weekend.

Bwog traveled to some high places:

  • Went out onto the roof of my building, my life practically flashed before my eyes 
  • Went out onto the roof of my friend’s apartment. A week in roofs… 
  • Enjoyed the rain from my fire escape

Bwog had some good ole’ fashioned Barnumbia fun:

  • Saw my first riverside raccoon of the year! missed them 
  • Went to senior night and had a lovely time
  • Helped bwog at the club fair!!!
  • Saw some old friends
  • Was given two free shots
  • Went on a double date (silly) 
  • Spent a lovely time seeing friends
  • Drank mead
  • Supported impulsive decision making by my friends

Bwog was baffled:

  • Felt confused after seeing some art one morning
  • Saw two police escorted events on Broadway, one including fake horses and the other a massive bicycle group 
  • Chatted about someone and I thought I was being vague until they guessed the person (they are coworkers)
  • Felt a sense of dread that labs start next week
  • Heard about everyone moving back to school and starting classes while i am… still chilling at home (going abroad this Saturday)

Bwog was super productive!!!

  • Helped my friend build her Ikea dresser 
  • Started applying for internships for NEXT summer eek. I hate that this is even a thing
  • Realized that I have done so little of the reading i was supposed to
  • Did not schedule my weekend well for homework
  • Consciously avoided Butler

Bwog got wet:

  • Deliberately stood in the sprinklers in front of Uris bc it was so hot. Got soaked but was happy
  • Got rained out at the club fair
  • Got soaked walking from Avery to Havemeyer 

Broadway on a Rainy Evening (1901) by Everett L. Warner via Artvee