Beep beep! Make your Y2k Pinterest dreams come true with this new trend

You might know me for being a silly girl. You might know me for my wild advances in technology [read: for being an iPad baby]. You might even know me for my amazing music taste and famous Spotify (and WBAR show, tune in Sunday 4-6 pm). Something you might not know about me is that I have POTS. (If this makes you sad, you should consider venmoing me for my troubles.)

The monitor in question. She is so cutesy!

Last friday, I went to the cardiologist. It was not very fun: four hour visit, had to hold my breath for a minute at a time and was so hungry past hour 1.5 that I almost threw up. But they gave me a trinket to take home: my very own heart monitor. I got to connect the leads and nodes myself. This 21st-century toy got to take home another 21st-century toy. It was Y2K vibes only. I had cords dangling out of my shirt leading to my pocket where I kept the monitor itself. 

Me with my monitor in the elevator! Drop a #LanaDelRey in the comments if you think this is #Y2K

Just look how good this heart rate monitor looks on me! No wonder it’s catching on. 

Wearing my heart monitor was an act of self-care. With my POTS, I do have to watch my heart rate in combination with symptoms like dizziness and brain fog. The heart monitor made it easy for me to report my symptoms back to my doctor while logging my own heartbeat. There is nothing more fashionable than taking care of yourself.

Nothing looks as good as healthy feels. (Boom suck it, Kate Moss.)

Stay slay, stay gay, and take care of yourself!

Xoxo Bwog’s fashion consultant,


X-Ray of a Heart Rate Monitor via Wikimedia Commons