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Monday Psychology Seminar: Nim Tottenham

  • Monday, September 25, 12-1:30 pm.
  • In-person, 200B Schermerhorn Hall.
  • Nim Tottenham, professor of psychology at Columbia University, will give a psychology seminar on Monday. More information here.

High Energy Theory Seminar: “Black Hole Tidal Effects from Scattering Amplitudes” with Dr. Zihan Zhou

  • Monday, September 25, 2:10 – 3:10 pm.
  • In-person, Center for Theoretical Theory. 
  • “Scattering processes of massless fields on black hole (BH) background give a gauge invariant way to study the BH finite size effects. In this talk, I will discuss a novel ‘near-far factorization’ found in the analytic solution to the Teukolsky equation which manifestly separates the scatterings by the background geometry and the tidal effects.” More information here.

SEAS Colloquium in Climate Science with Jiang Zhu, NCAR on Constraining Model Climate Sensitivity through Simulation of Past Extreme Climates

  • Thursday, September 28, 2:45 – 3:45 pm.
  • In-person, 214 Mudd Hall.
  • Jian Zhu, a Project Scientist at the National Center for Atmospheric Research, will speak on his study that “stresses the importance of paleoclimate in the assessment and development of climate models and in understanding the climate dynamics under warm conditions. Some implications on the equable climate problem, a classical problem in paleoclimatology, will also be briefly discussed.” More information here.

Music on the Brain with the National Jazz Museum: Ancestral Callings

  • Thursday, September 28, 7 pm.
  • In-person at The National Jazz Museum in Harlem. Registration required.
  • In a collaboration between the National Jazz Museum in Harlem and Columbia University’s Zuckerman Insitute, this edition of Music on the Brain will explore epigenetics and the overlap between genes and the environment. More information here.

Revitalization Work with Interdisciplinary and Interepistimological Approaches

  • Friday, September 29, 2 – 3 pm.
  • Online, access Zoom here.
  • Brisa Sánchez Zavala will speak on her experience researching fright from an interdisciplinary approach. More information here

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