Welcome back to Science Fair, Bwog’s weekly roundup of science events happening around campus. For the first one of this semester, a Science Editor Emeritus (and current EIC) makes a brief return. As always, email science@bwog.com if you want your event featured.

Ricardo Nuila – The People’s Hospital

  • September 6, 2023,  6 – 7 pm
  • Online. Registration required
  • “Ricardo Nuila explores the question: Where does an uninsured person go when turned away by hospitals, clinics, and doctors?” This talk shares the experiences of Nuila’s patients, where their own stories are made into a single narrative that seeks to question the notion that quality healthcare is determined by insurance. More information here and here.

NIEHS P30 Center Seminar – Dr. Cathrine Hoyo

  • September 7, 2023, 12 – 1 pm
  • In person at the Allan Rosenfield Building (722 W. 168 St) or Online. Registration required 
  • Dr. Catherine Hoyo discusses research looking at the methylation of DNA—the density and therefore access of the genes—and its relation to Alzheimer’s. More information here.

Two types of nuclear transients – tidal disruption events and disruptive collisions

  • September 7, 2023, 4:05 – 4:35 pm
  • Pupin 1402.
  • “In this talk, [Dr. Taeho Ryu] will discuss two types of nuclear transients, tidal disruption events, and high-velocity collisions between stars, based on the results of detailed hydrodynamics simulations.” More information here.

OCP Seminar: Dr. Yelin Jiang

  • September 8, 2023, 11 am – 12 pm
  • Seminar Room, Gary C. Comer Geochemistry Building at the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory.
  • Due to the warming climate, there is an expected increase in the frequency and devastation of droughts. This will cause widespread damage to agriculture, ecosystems, water access, and civilizations. Dr. Jiang researches climate data about South America—the global region most impacted by drought in recent years. Results indicate a cyclical response from forest lands as well as provide insight into the other impacts and changes to the South American ecosystems. More information here.

Fair Access and Equity of Individualized Interventions for Ultrarare Genetic Conditions

  • September 8, 2023, 12 – 1 pm
  • Online. Registration required.
  • “A discussion on fair access and equity in individualized interventions for ultrarare genetic conditions.”. More information here and here.

W.S. Jardetzky Lecture with Dr. Linda T. Elkins-Tanton: Volcanoes And The Great Dying: The End-Permian Extinction And Its Parallels With Today

  • September 8, 2023, 3:30 – 4:30 pm
  • Monell Auditorium at the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory or online.
  • Dr. Elkins-Tanton’s talk revolves around research started nearly ten years ago that sought to investigate whether a mass extinction event around 252 million years ago was caused by volcanic activity or if the concurrent events were nearly coincidental. More information here.

Volcano via Wikimedia Commons