How is it midterm already? Find out how Bwog swea…sweet over it!

Bwog went on and off with coursework:

  • Absolutely bombed a midterm.
  • Took so many naps.
  • Finally started research up at columbia medical center!
  • Did NOT write an essay that I should have written.

Bwog consumed media:

  • Watched a lot of playoff baseball.
  • Watched a really bad movie.
  • Listened to silver springs by fleetwood mac approximately 80 thousand times.
  • Saw the new romcom with peter dinklage, anne hathaway, and marisa tomei. Found it neither romantic nor funny!
  • Saw Wicked!
  • Began the annual autumnal return to Gilmore Girls.

Bwog was culinary:

  • Made baked mac n cheese mmmmm 
  • Concocted autumnal cocktails

Bwog had fun eating sweets:

  • Rediscovered the joy of eating an ice cream cone.
  • Consumed copious quantities of candy corn.
  • My mom came to visit and absolutely overloaded me with sweets.

Dainty Desserts are easily made with Campfire Marshmallows, the original food via Rawpixel