There’s more to a university inauguration than speeches—like faculty getting to show off their finest fits!

Last week, as Visual Editor, I attended President Minouche’s Investiture Ceremony—and one of the joys of the ceremony for me was the academic procession! According to the program, this was made up of “Faculties of the University and Professors Emeriti” and “Delegates from Educational Institutions and Learned Societies.” Unfortunately, I was not able to identify everyone as they came streaming past, nor do I know how to identify their regalia—but I think their swagger and joy speak for themselves!

The whole procession was full of proud faces and many cool hats.
There were some very complementary regalias on display at centerstage.
Some awesome patterns
Many proud faces
I’m guessing this is the regalia of Mets University?
Even Presbo was looking stylish in his beautiful blue tie!

All photographs via Elias Reville