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Physics Colloquium: “2D Optoelectronics” with Lukas Novotny

  • Monday, October 16, 12:30 to 1:30 pm.
  • In-person, Pupin Hall Center for Theoretical Physics (8th floor). 
  • “What can we learn about the intrinsic spin of ultralight dark matter field from astrophysical observations? I will argue that the imprint of spin, ie. whether it is a scalar, vector or a tensor field, can be seen via (i) the initial density power spectrum, (ii) interference patterns in the density field inside dark matter halos, and through (iii) (polarized) solitons with macroscopic intrinsic spin.” More information here.

Climate Change and Societal Impacts

  • Tuesday, October 17, 7 to 8 pm.
  • Online and in-person, The Forum at Columbia University. Registration required for the online session.
  • Join the Columbia Climate School in the conversation on climate change, the “drivers behind these, and other worrying trends, and what it all means for our collective future.” More information here.

Andrew Lea – Digitizing Diagnosis: Medicine, Minds, and Machines in Twentieth-Century America

Tissue Talks with Tony Mikos

  • Wednesday, October 18, 3 pm.
  • Online. Registration required
  • Tony Mikos from Rice University will discuss “injectable and 3D-printable biomaterials for tissue engineering” as a part of the Tissue Talks seminar hosted by Dr. Gordana Vunjak-Novakovic and the Laboratory for Stem Cells and Tissue Engineering. More information here.

Colloquium: Michelle Greene

  • Wednesday, October 18, 4 to 5:30 pm.
  • In-person, 1198 Schermerhorn Hall.
  • As a part of the Psychology department’s colloquia, Michelle Greene from Barnard College will present her talk titled: “The Visual Experience Dataset: Exploring Vision ‘In the Wild.'” More information here.

Colloquium: Maryna Viazovska (EPFL)

  • Wednesday, October 18, 4 to 5:30 pm.
  • In-person, 407 Mathematics Hall.
  • As a part of the Mathematics department’s colloquia, Maryna Viazovska from the Institute of Mathematics of the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne in Switzerland will discuss her research. Tea will occur preceding the colloquia. More information here.

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