Pussy Riot, Hunter Biden, and MAYOR PETE!

Happening in the World: Lyusya Shtein, a member of Pussy Riot, has been put on an international wanted list by Russia for spreading “fake” information about Russia’s military. Pussy Riot is a feminist opposition group that has been challenging Vladimir Putin since 2012. In 2022, Russia imposed strict laws surrounding discrediting the armed forces. It has not been said what specific information Shtein was accused of spreading. (Reuters)

Happening in the US: David C. Weiss, a Trump-appointed Delaware US Attorney, will defend his plea deal with Hunter Biden today before the House Judiciary Committee. Weiss has been accused of making a sweetheart deal with Biden. This is the first time a special committee has agreed to hear testimony from Congress. Testimony will take place in a private session. (New York Times)

Happening in NYC: A $3.4B grant has been approved by US Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg for an extension of the Second Ave subway into East Harlem. This grant covers less than half of the cost of adding three new stops to the Q line, among other updates to the transit system. According to MTA, it will be at least seven years before the project is completed. The project is also on pace to be one of the most expensive mass transit construction problems ever. (Gothamist)

Happening in Our Community: Columbia University is holding a time management support space from 2:10 to 3:30 pm online. A CPS psychologist will facilitate the space. A registration email is required.

Pete Buttigieg via WikimediaCommons