This week, CCSC discussed the relationship between Columbia Public Safety and the NYPD, had a Naloxone training, and presented planning updates. 

I’m back! I hope everyone reading this had a fabulous and restful break.

Last night, CCSC had a very important conversation about police presence on campus. VP Finance Mariam Jallow, CC ‘25, met with Columbia’s VP of Public Safety, and reported back that Public Safety has a new partnership with NYPD, which is why there has been an increased police presence on campus. She relayed that the NYPD officers cannot make arrest without confirmation from the chief of the NYPD. NYPD came to campus to protect students, not to tamp protests, Jallow emphasized. 

 Since Columbia Public Safety is not a sworn agency, they largely relay students to campus services because they cannot make arrests. However, NYPD can take action in more concrete and immediate ways, such as citing the AIM trucks that were doxing students. Notably, Jallow mentioned that if the trucks return to campus for a third time, the NYPD officers can take further action and possibly ban the trucks from returning. 

Jallow also emphasized that Public Safety and the NYPD are providing support to students who have been doxxed, and that they also have a partnership with the FBI, which is acting as a consultant on legal grounds for protection for students, doxxing support, and helping international students who wish to protest. She acknowledged that communication about the responses to doxxing has been lacking, but said that support is getting to the students who need it. 

Finally, Jallow mentioned the gate closures, and relayed that the closures are not to inhibit the student protests. Instead, Public Safety and the NYPD had heard about other groups potentially coming to campus to incite or scare student protestors, so the gate closures are to protect students and allow the protests to continue safely and nonviolently. Once again, CCSC members brought up problems with communication, and talked through a few potential solutions, including using the CCSC social media to spread some of this information.

CCSC also had their member updates. Some notable ones included:

  • The newly appointed VP Equity, Halil Cenker Camci, CC ’25, got several shoutouts from members across the body who have met with him. He’s already working on lots of things, including a media project this week that will highlight student activists and resources for Trans Awareness Week and International Education Week.
  • Tree lighting is happening this Tuesday, November 14th, approximately at 5:45. (I am so excited for this!!)
  • The Class of 2027 council has been meeting with their advisor and starting to plan projects and join committees. Follow their new Instagram at @ccsc2027!
  • The Class of 2026 council is hosting the Sophomore Night Fall Kickback this Wednesday, November 15th, from 6-9 PM. Free food!
  • The Class of 2025 council had a very successful Fall Fest event last week – round of applause for that.
  • The Class of 2024 council is hosting another Lerner Pub event on Tuesday after Tree Lighting.
  • Several members mentioned their work on an Academic Affairs survey about course transparency and grading that will be sent out in the next few days – filling this out is super important, so keep an eye on your email inbox. 

In other news, CCSC had a member of Columbia Health give a Naloxone training, which is a medication used to temporarily reverse an opioid overdose. All CCSC members present received an Overdose Rescue Kit, which was awesome, and the members of the press got to participate as well. 

See you next week!

The open gates of our dreams via Bwarchives.