As Mariah Carey once said (every year), “It’s tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiime!” 

Disclaimer: My holiday garlands were proudly hung outside my dorm’s door on November 1st, but apparently, that’s “too early.” Forgive me for not being a Grinch like the rest of you, but I need this. 

If you’re anything like me, your TikTok has been filled with winter decor hauls since October. Yes, I also need a 9-foot-tall Christmas tree, but with what space? My 8’3” x 15’10” Brooks dorm was not built for the holiday decorations of my dreams, and I’m assuming that your tiny dorm isn’t either. We, unfortunately, must adapt and overcome, which is why I have compiled a list of some of my favorite ways to up your dorm’s holiday spirit.

Garlands. Everywhere. I have quickly learned that garlands are some of the cheapest decorations you can find, yet they are magical. You can get paper gingerbread or snowflakes, tinsel, pom-pom chains, fake foliage, or even make your own out of dried oranges like in Greta Gerwig’s Little Women. I hung some outside my door, on my ceiling, and over my window; it’s truly endless. 

Grab a mini Christmas Tree! Target has some pretty cute ones for around $10, and you can also buy some cheap string lights and ornaments to decorate it. It makes all the difference, especially for those of us desperately missing our trees at home. My suitemate even crocheted mine a tiny tree skirt!

Target also had miniature (monogrammed!) stockings, so I bought two for me and my roommate. They are not only the perfect size for dorms; they were only $3 each. I could not find them online, but I promise they exist. While some Brooks dorms have fireplaces, mine unfortunately does not, so I made do and hung the stockings over one of my bookcases. 

Bows belong on everything, and that includes doorknobs. I got some red plaid ribbon and tied it around every handle I could find. It’s small, but is a really nice touch!

Remember kindergarten when we would fold paper into a million triangles and cut out pieces to make snowflakes? I’m bringing it back. Paper snowflakes are a great (basically free) way to decorate anything. Tape them on your wall, hang them from your ceiling; it really doesn’t matter. All I know is that I feel like Buddy The Elf while doing it. 

This one might seem obvious, but channel your inner College Walk and hang some warm, white Christmas lights. Target (again) has a bunch, and they make a world of difference. You can also use them year-round, so you don’t have to use the gross big light. Bonus points if you put them in your window so the people across the street see them and get in the spirit. (Shout out to the people in the 600s who have already put up their trees and lights; I love you.) 

Well, ‘tis the season of Thanksgiving being over. I truly hope I see my other hallmates begin to celebrate as enthusiastically as I am. Just remember, when all else fails, Target and Pinterest are there, trust me. The possibilities are truly endless. I wish everyone the bwest of luck in their decorating adventures this holiday season!

Holiday Dorm Decor via Author