Where would you go if you were a free, beautiful, and deadly snake in the Netherlands?

Happening in the World: A 6-foot green mamba escaped from a home in the Netherlands. While the specific species of green mamba has not been disclosed, all green mambas are highly venomous, potentially leading to death if bitten. The snake is still on the loose and local authorities have warned residents to avoid the snake if seen. (CNN)

Happening in the US: The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and Food and Drug Administration have been warning people not to eat cantaloupe after purchases of the fruit from major supermarkets have led to a salmonella outbreak. With numbers still rising, over 150 people have been impacted by this outbreak so far. (NBC)

Happening in NYC: Under a new minimum pay law, delivery workers in New York City will start to be paid $17.96 per hour (not including tips) and will be paid at least $19.96 per hour in 2025. Prior to this change, Some delivery workers in the city had been earning as little as $4.03 per hour. While this ruling has been received positively by delivery workers all over the city, it is unclear when the new law will be put into effect. (Gothamist

Happening in Our Community: Columbia Astronomer Dr. Nick Luber will be giving a talk about “A Tale of Galactic Transformation: The Habitat of Jellyfish Galaxies” today at 6 pm, in Pupin Hall 301. This event is free and open to all, registration is not required. Find more information here.

Someplace in the Netherlands via Wikimedia Commons.