Don’t feel like cooking? Get a free lunch from Kent Hall. Editor’s Warning: Mentions of death.

Happening in the World: In Valencia, Spain, there was a major fire in a high-rise residential building on Thursday, February 22nd. There are more than 20 fire crews trying to extinguish the fire and people nearby have been asked to avoid the area. The building was home to 450 residents and there have been reports of at least 14 injuries. (BBC) 

Happening in the US: On Tuesday, February 20th, a sand hole collapsed on a seven year old girl and killed her on a beach in Florida. The girl’s older brother is still recovering in the hospital. The hole was about five feet deep and it is not clear how long the children were trapped before they were rescued. (NBC)  

Happening in NYC: In the Bronx, on February 22nd, Whalesca Castillo was sentenced to four to eight years in prison for performing an unlicensed cosmetic surgery. Castillo pleaded guilty to second-degree manslaughter after injecting silicone into the buttocks and thighs of Lesbia Ayala. This unlicensed surgery was connected to Ayala’s death. (CBS) 

Happening in Our Community: On Friday, February 23rd, Columbia University will host a “Campus Conversations: Critical Listening Skills” workshop at Kent Hall. The workshop is led by Ixchel Rosal, Senior Associate Vice President for Student Life, and is open to all students. Registration is required and lunch will be provided to all registered participants. Registration for the event can be found here

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