Beware: It’s not just people that are spying on you. 

Happening in the World: In India, a pigeon that was found flying around a port with Chinese writing on its wings was finally released after eight months of being held captive in a veterinary hospital. Despite detectives proving the bird was not involved with spying on China, the hospital did not release the pigeon until animal rights activist group PETA India got involved. (NYTimes) 

Happening in the US: In Tampa, Florida, a kangaroo named Hopper was seen hopping around an apartment complex. Police officials did not mention how the kangaroo got free, but it was reunited with its owner. It is legal to keep kangaroos as pets in Florida with the proper permit. (NBC) 

Happening in NYC: In Brooklyn, NYPD officers captured a sheep roaming Sunset Park. The animal was taken to ASPCA and eventually taken to an animal sanctuary in New Jersey. The owner of the sheep is still not known. (ABC7) 

Happening in Our Community: Columbia University will be hosting its annual Black History Month Blood drive on Monday. The annual blood drive is in honor of Charles R. Drew, who became the first Black person to earn a Medical Science Doctorate in the United States from Columbia. Registration is required and more information can be found on Columbia University Events

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