Next up: Columbia will begin requiring a minimum of four semesters of rizz to gradute.

In 2022 Columbia University made it possible for its undergraduates to pursue a climate science major. Right on its heels to democratize knowledge beyond the ivory towers of academia—to connect learning with real world applications—Columbia recently introduced another new major: Rizzology. It is a major of high demand and will be accessible for undergraduates across all four schools and will share an office with the Department of Sociology. 

Professor Emeritus of Contemporary Rizz Studies, Leonard Whiffleburg, President of the National Rizz Academy will head the department. Juniper Lee (CC ’24), founder of the Applied Rizz Association applauded the university’s ability to adapt its learning environment to suit the challenges of the 21st century. 

“It’s cool that the school is devoting its resources for something that promises job security and personal happiness.” 

Every major must take Introduction to Rizzology, with four core courses, in sequence, they are: Game Theory, Rizz and Culture, Methods for Rizz Research, as well as Power and Politics. Students are required to take three more additional elective courses and are encouraged to take them outside of the department. Many opt for Computing in Context and The Social World. Finally, an optional senior seminar course that takes rizz out of the classroom and into the real world.

This fall, Professor Whiffleburg will be teaching: Advanced Game Theory, Data and Dating, and Application of the Ultimate Rizz Formula. Each seminar is capped at 21 students with rizz applications due two weeks before registration. Unfortunately, there is no option to concentrate. Though that doesn’t seem to be a problem. Currently, all upper-level rizz courses have a waitlist of at least 200 students.

May the best rizz win. 

Alma via Bwarchives