Don’t snip too fast.

On an inconspicuous night last semester, I decided to DIY my new and slightly permanent accessory: bangs. Any stroll around Barnumbia’s campus will show you just how chic bangs have become. While bangs are typically fashioned with carefully curated Y2K outfits, my bangs accessorized my very own 2008 Britney Spears meltdown. 

Cutting your bangs is something drastic. Friends who you haven’t seen in a while will do a double-take and gasp in surprise. Closer friends will probably ask “What’s wrong?” instead. They are somewhat of a universal signifier that something is brewing beneath the surface. In my case—under much duress from analyzing circuits until delirium—I had decided either my hair was going or my major was, and since I was far too stubborn to quit my major that I despised, hair it was!

The first few chops were liberating, but do not be fooled. The feeling of sweet release will not last. Rather, you will soon be standing in front of the mirror while frantically Facetiming all your friends asking if it’s really that bad, and no matter what they say, you will always believe that yes, it really is that bad.

Much to my dismay, my very uneven bangs didn’t magically complete all my problem sets. At least now instead of contemplating my major, I’m contemplating how to grow my hair out the fastest way possible. It has been four months since my bangs have been cut and I am still majoring in electrical engineering. Success! 

Image via Wikimedia Commons