Let’s face it… the long line at Liz’s is inevitable when Barnard only has ONE COFFEE SHOP!!

We have all seen the Liz’s line that goes out the door. This past week I have been studying Liz’s, going at various times of day, to see when the ideal time to get coffee is, and here’s what I found…

  1. Anytime there is a pacing period the line is out the door. This line usually begins to form 5 minutes before class ends, so if you can get a quick coffee between your two classes, good luck. 
  1. One day 10 minutes after classes began the line had 7 people and it only took 7 minutes to get my drink (including standing in line). 
  1. Liz’s is VERY busy in the morning! Very limited seating and overall very crowded. 
  1. Liz’s usually slows down around 5… there’s so much open seating. 
  1. The cutest and most calm time to go to Liz’s is between 6 pm and 8 pm. Although this is not an ideal coffee-drinking time, it’s a perfect opportunity to grab a cup of tea before you head to the library. Liz’s is also a beautiful place to sit and do homework at this time as the sun sets. 

With this in mind… I wish you luck in your journey of trying to get Liz’s!

Header image via Bwarchives