The most exciting two minutes of sports! 

Bwogline: The 150th Kentucky Derby takes place at 6:57 pm on Saturday, May 4. The purse is $5 million for a race that lasts about two minutes. Anyone can make a bet on whichever horse they think will win the big race; some of the horses have better odds than others, but there’s always the chance for a huge upset. Some notable horses today are Fierceness (with 5-2 odds of winning), Sierra Leone (with 4-1 odds), and Catching Freedom (with 8-1 odds). May the odds be ever in your favor! (NBC)

Study Tip: Before you sit down at the computer and start typing out an essay or going through a million lecture slides, turn on your most energizing music for ten minutes. Let yourself have fun with it, and use that energy to fuel your studies. Repeat when needed. 

Music of the Day: Burning Down the House – Paramore: this cover is phenomenal. After listening on repeat and dancing in my room, I can finally sit down and get some work done. 

Procrastination Tip: Tell your friends that you all can totally study for finals in Riverside… over a cute picnic… with music. You may not make any progress in your studies, but you will make a sweet memory in the last few days of the year. 

Overseen/Overheard: Yesterday I was eating my to-go Hewitt dinner in Riverside Park. The most beautiful golden retriever approached me… and took my fork and ran away. 

Kentucky Derby via Wikimedia Commons