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Looks like Bill O’Reilly, in calling Columbia the “University of Havana, North,” was not actually that far off-base. The Universidad de la Habana looks curiously similar to Columbia’s Low Steps, graced by a statue modeled after our very own Alma Mater. 


And don’t you think PrezBo and Fidel share a certain resemblance?


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  1. Anonymous

    way to steal my scoop bwog.

  2. Anonymous

    Not only "looks curiously similar" but is intentionally similar. Their science building also looks like Butler.

  3. ....  

    columbia university in the city of havana.

  4. David  

    So like I mentioned on the Facebook group, we've now been labeled both this and "Bir Zeit-on-Hudson" by prominent right-wingers (the latter by Martin Kramer re MEALAC). How do we get the trifecta? I'm talking, of course, about having Tom DeLay calls us the "American University of Pyongyang". Anybody with me in plotting this?

  5. wow,  

    There is something distinctly disturbing about that. Could it be that Bill O'Reilly actually does his research when he finds ways to call people pinko commie fascists?

  6. the  

    "university of havana-north fascist liberal anarchists" facebook group is pretty hilarious.

  7. John  

    And to get to Havana Central, you need only walk a few blocks towards the heartland.

  8. fascism  

    You forgot another connection between Castro and Bollinger: they're both AnarchoIslamoFascists. Who hate America. For its freedoms.

  9. wow  

    that's pretty much amazing.

  10. Ron Lewenberg

    I've always been partial to Patrice Lumuba on the Hudson.
    Besides, it isn't fair to give all these appelations to Columbia. There are so many other left-wing schools here.

    PS. Have the nice people at the BWOG ever thought of looking at how the leftist thugs and the Rupp administration expelled the 1998 Accuracy in Academic conference?

    If not, then you don't have a leg to stand on in calling right-wingers over the top in questioning the sincerity of the administration.

  11. there's  

    a certain harvard prof who likens his school to the "soviet union in the early 80s" for its leftwing faculty putsches and fanatical stance against any semblance of a core curriculum. somehow they avoid the negative press (perhaps because o'reilly went to harvard's kennedy school of govt?) anyway, someone should do a poll, harvana university vs. the fuerzas armas revolucionarias de columbia university.

  12. all i know  

    is that we are all left wing mujahideen. Which is kinda badass, so I like it.

  13. Soooo  

    So, so far according to Bill O'Reilly, Columbia is:
    -domestic terrorists

    Damn, are there any labels out there were still missing, or have we quite possibly reached the pinnacle of politics: encapsulating everything Bill OReilly hates in the world into a few square blocks of Morningside Heights?

  14. And because  

    some people here are a bit too serious...


  15. Do any  

    educated, sane people actually take Bill O'Reilly seriously? You would have to be a medically diagnosed paranoid schizophrenic to spew the kind of baseless outrageous accusations that come out of his mouth on a regular basis. In all honesty I believe the man only keeps his job because no one else can read from his script with a straight face. The only problem is, "mainstream" republicans don't seem to understand this and take his drivel, at the very least, semi-seriously.

    • Anna  

      To answer your question, yes, there are a lot of people who take O'Reilly seriously - though I don't think many of them are well educated, they certainly aren't paranoid schizophrenics. I come from a pretty uneducated white background and my grandparents watch Fox news and take everything they see on it quite seriously. When I visit them my grandmother often asks me questions like "Did you hear about the killer bees? I'm saving up to buy a protective suit." She also reads the tabloids seriously.
      As a side note, being in a place like Columbia it's very easy to forget that there are a lot of people who are quite prejudiced and susceptible to crap like O'Reilly. I wonder if any of us would know not to believe O'Reilly if someone had not told us at a young age that it was crap and if we hadn't learned to read and think critically of news and media. In many third world countries there are entire communities that only see extravagent, exaggerated entertainment news because it's the only type that interests them because of their upbringing. If one is iliterate, would you rather try to read a newspaper full of words one doesn't know, or see pictures and violence that make the world much like the rich, american hollywood movies on tv?

      • Well,  

        I specifically meant that O'Reilly sounds like a paranoid schizophrenic, not the morons that believe him (pardon your grandparents). That being said, no one told me that O'Reilly was an idiot, either at a young age or now. It does not take a genius mind to listen to his drivel and get that impression all on your own. I have no problem with sensationalized media -- after all, it makes for great entertainment. I have a problem with people wholeheartedly believing what they hear without questioning it in the very least. O'Reilly is a clown. Taking him seriously is very much like accepting Hollywood's depiction of the world as the truth. Granted illiterate people don't know the difference, but there are people HERE and at other respectable institutions of HIGHER LEARNING that believe him and take his shit seriously. THAT is what I will never comprehend.

  16. The only  

    people who should be more ashamed of themselves than the participants of the Minutemen fiasco (both parties) are the ones who lacked enough brains to go on pundit circuses like O'Reilly and Hannity in order to remove ALL DOUBT that our fine university's admissions policy does nothing to filter out diaper-clad schoolchildren.

  17. actually...  

    we did hit the jackpot. check the minutemen website; we're referred to as "Columbia U. Brownshirts."

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