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But wait, there’s more! The Blue & White’s May issue continues, with the first of our Campus Characters. This feature introduces you to a handful of Columbians who are up to interesting and extraordinary things. This month staff writer Matthew Schantz gets to know Josh Faber, GS’12. Josh Faber, GS’12, known by some as “the […]

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Bwog respects our heritage/amorous affair by posting each issue of The Blue & White. The latest issue, available this week, is a cornucopia of delights: a set of unimaginably raunchy personals for the staff (they’re anonymous), an account of a foray into the oft-forgotten Brooklyn neighborhood of Red Hook, and the story of that greenhouse on top of […]

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PrezBo and four other University Presidents ask Congress to repeal “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell,” arguing that the policy is “detrimental to both our students and the nation.” Bill O’Reilly told TC Professor Marc Lamont Hill, who is black, that Hill “kind of looked like” a cocaine dealer “a little bit.” Hill responded that O’Reilly looked […]

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Columbia goes chartreuse Morningside Heights not a euphemism for this corner of Harlem (And a hearty welcome to SoHa) Staff can’t wait for special pass/fail option until next semester, citing “no incentive to work” Bill O’Reilly knows a lot of shit, has own highly-rated television show And the quote of the day: “In a way, […]

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The Daily Minute

News is coming hot and heavy these days on fallout from October 4th (Bwog’s new name for the Minuteman Protest), so we thought we’d do a little digest on the latest.  Item # 1: The Republicans are going ahead with their event Wednesday evening featuring ex-PLO jihadist Walid Shoebat, along with a former Lebanese terrorist […]

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He speaks the truth

Looks like Bill O’Reilly, in calling Columbia the “University of Havana, North,” was not actually that far off-base. The Universidad de la Habana looks curiously similar to Columbia’s Low Steps, graced by a statue modeled after our very own Alma Mater.  And don’t you think PrezBo and Fidel share a certain resemblance?

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Foxed Out

The quality of these is worse than ever, but the sound works — you can hear every attempted objection, interrupted stutter, swallowed point, and of course, the O’Reilly  bellow. Avi Zenilman of The Blue and White, Chris Kulawik of the Republicans, and protest organizers Eva Fortes and Monique Dols took on the Fox Network tonight. […]

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Ok. Bwog wants desperately to elevate the conversation about the Minutemen Mania– and we hope you’ve gotten that impression from our coverage thus far. But sometimes, bwgossip bears such delicious and tempting fruit, that we just can’t help eating from the Tree. We hope new viewers to the site don’t call us terrorists for posting […]

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Spin Control

We were there when students stormed the stage in Columbia’s Alfred Lerner Hall and chased off the Minutemen, and we were there with the chanting crowd outside. We reserve the right to set the record straight. This item will be updated as news breaks. O’Reilly Factor, interview with Marvin Stewart: We would like to remind […]

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Chris Kulawik’s cheerful visage graced Fox News’ Hannity and Colmes this evening. While expressing shame at being a member of the Columbia community, he appeared the picture of moderation next to Minuteman Founder Jim Gilchrist, who called protesters the “anarcho-fascists” and the “21st century KKK,” noting that he would have given the protesters a “Minuteman […]

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September 18, 2023

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