gobbusterApparently the job opportunities Columbia hooks up don’t all involve $145,000, 80-hour work weeks, maybe some blow, and a fancy suit. The Center for Career Education’s temp work listserv has a listing offering a job with $80, 8 hours of work, maybe some dry ice, and, well, possibly still a suit.  It may not be as “high-powered” as a career in finance, but is there really any higher power than the power of magic? How does the chance to “possibly assist on stage” sound for an “exit opportunity”?

3) DESCRIPTION: Magician seeks strong, handy, smart assistant to help transport props to gigs, run errands, and in the future… possibly assist on stage.

QUALIFICATIONS: Knowledge of showbiz, sound, lighting, etc. a plus. Must possess a nice-looking shirt and dress pants, or a dark suit. We can meet in person to go over the details.

DURATION: Thursday, January 25, 2007 Approx. 3 to 11 PM


CONTACT: Susanna Mitton

Organization: Mark Mitton

email: suus64@yahoo.com

Also, Spec’s departed sex columnist continues to make headlines. Spec writer Joanna Zuckerman Bernstein’s article on Miriam Datskovsky for the Philadelphia Weekly  is less controversial than ya’ll might be used to, but is worth checking out.