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Manhattan Wiccans prepare to launch a fundraising invasion of Union Square. (DNAinfo) A different sort of witch hunt in a different hipster park: someone is actually ticketed for smoking! (Gothamist) Prodigious birth! A ten-year-old makes a groundbreaking scientific discovery with her toy molecule kit. Guess we know who that girl will be in Gen Chem […]

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The neighborhood seems to be getting a face-lift this week. Perhaps you did not notice? Bwog did! The Starbucks espresso machine that had broken down, causing considerable distress, has now been repaired. Hartley lounge is is getting new windows. Everything is covered in plastic and the doors have been locked for days… The main entrance […]

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In this latest edition of Bwog’s recurring feature highlighting students’ hidden talents, Alliance of Magicians Bureau Chief Mark Hay sat down with a performer that would rather not be labeled a magician. Throughout our little chat I keep trying to label BK (a stage name), CC ’13, a magician, but every time I offer up […]

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That celebrity magician guy David Blaine is outside Lerner right now, performing card tricks for adoring masses of 12s (see Blaine — he’s the one directly under the boom — and said adoring masses, below.) If he makes himself levitate or makes the 12s disappear, Bwog will probably go back and snap another picture.  

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Fun With Java

Julia Kite, an urban studies major (?), sent this one in to give SEAS students and science majors one last thrill before midterms. Bwog thinks SEAS guys and gals are probably too jaded to enjoy this, but if you’re not at least one iota thrilled (or made slightly nauseated) by this, there’s probably something wrong […]

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Apparently the job opportunities Columbia hooks up don’t all involve $145,000, 80-hour work weeks, maybe some blow, and a fancy suit. The Center for Career Education’s temp work listserv has a listing offering a job with $80, 8 hours of work, maybe some dry ice, and, well, possibly still a suit.  It may not be […]

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Scene: a bar on the Upper East Side. A curly-haired man in his mid-20s approaches a Barnard senior and asks if she’s heard of David Blaine. “David and I, we’re kind of friends,” the man says. He then reveals that he’s a magician, and offers to show her a trick. “Sure,” she says, at which […]

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If you’re looking for quick 45 minute study break, Bwog wholeheartedy suggests you hop on the 1, head down to Lincoln Center, and check out “magician” David Blaine in his giant water bubble. The plan is to stay submerged for nine days, then get tied up in chains, set a new world record by holding […]

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