Bwog Party Recap: Sifting Through the Debris

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Last night, a bunch of Bwog’s closest friends met up at Havana “West End” Central to make merry and make fools out of themselves in this old blog’s honor. While the antics remained slightly more subdued than we would have wanted, drunken mingling hit an all-time high. This was some hardcore mingling, man.

And of course, we were well aware that the party also celebrated an institution to which the Bwog remains spiritually linked- the Varsity Show, fair tradition of the ages.We learned that 380-odd people showed for the preview shows at 9 and 11, and we were forced to get creative in our seating and standing arrangements. While last year’s “moderator” of the show was memorably Jeff Sachs, this year we were led by a drunk, smug Vaclav Havel, who paged through his copy of “The Garden Party” during songs and, with the help of his put-upon translator, made wisecracks between the numbers. Inspiration for this year’s songs came from Tom’s Diner, Wikipedia, old people in MoHeights, and the Joyce Kilmer Bad Poetry contest. And, needless to say, the V-show writers were bombed.

Other highlights included a smuggled 40 oz. in a paper bag, a blue and white seersucker suit (ahem), a couple of knocked-over palm trees, ubiquitous mojitos, a DJ spinning reggaeton, several underaged siblings, and reams of editors past, present and future. B+W EIC emeritus/emperor of the event Zachary H. Bendiner was rumored to be present, though we couldn’t pin him down for a photo. Speccies showed up in record numbers, though student government reps were largely absent. AND- we sold tons of Bwog buttons ($1 each!)- though we still have more for you to proudly purchase and wear. (They even have the old bubbles on them!)

Pictures by Sumaiya Ahmed and Lydia DePillis!


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  1. A fan  

    Andrew Flynn is my hero.

  2. kazzy

    woah hipsters at columbia! my my...

  3. hooray  

    yay bwog! yay varsity show!

  4. Anonymous

    yellow polo shirt with argyle sweater is not working for that guy. not even a little bit.

  5. Mama Cass  

    Nobody can tell you there's only one song worth singing!

  6. Flynn is a god  

    Yo flynn's got the hot sax under controll....

  7. Avi Zenilman  

    Blogging is such a circle jerk.

  8. hannah goldfield  

    hannah goldfield should be editor-in-chief of the blue and white

  9. in the backseat

    those aren't hipsters.

    those are rich brats from the northeast that want to look like the rich kids from the midwest that call williamsburg their home.

    good try though.

    • kazzy

      well you know the walkmen, those monarchs of reluctant hipsterdom, went to columbia, so perhaps they are trying to emulate our homegrown heroes (who happen to be from washington dc).

  10. sam


  11. excuse me.  

    no, really. why are columbia kids so fucking ugly?

  12. Pictured  

    Post a picture of yourself and we'll discuss just that! xoxoxox

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