Free Ice Cream

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Things are looking up! The treachery of finals week is drawing to a close—despite some Butler settlements indicating the contrary. Plus, tipster Keith Leung just emailed to let us know that Haagen Dasz is giving away free scoops of their new ice-cream flavor (Vanilla Honey Bee) from now until 8 PM. Leung has also assuaged any worries of hellishly long waits, explaining that “the line was around 10 people, but they’re basically just scooping ice-cream for people without asking any questions, so the wait was like 2 minutes.”

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  1. Hi,  

    a lot of us have finals till Thursday. (I personally have 3 left). So stop being so happy. Gracias.

  2. Haagen  

    sucks for you, but i'm having my happiness with a bit of ice cream, thank you very much.

  3. FREEDOM  

    I can almost taste you...

  4. you spelled  

    Haagen Dazs wrong.

  5. ice-cream lover  

    You know the vanilla honey bee was really delicious. Thanks for the tip!

  6. even sweeter  

    ...would be Josh Schwartz giving senior wisdom

  7. These  

    BWOG posts are PLOTS to push the JESTER downward, off the front page.

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