R.I.P. Off-Campus Flex: Amir’s and Samad’s Edition

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Say goodbye to off-campus Flex at two of its previous locations: Samad’s Gourmet, and the dubiously sanitary Amir’s.

Oh and one other thing: It’s not them, it’s you. According to Michael Novielli of Student Auxiliary and Business Services (heretofore known as SABS), “neither establishment had the volume of Flex business it had hoped for.”

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  1. Anonymous  

    if Amir's didn't have a base amount that we had charge, we would have used it more.

    I just want a $5 falafel pita pocket, not $10 dollars' worth of food!

  2. three  

    er...what is the third?

  3. But  

    it only cost them Amir 10 cents extra!

  4. wow  

    when is amir going to go out of business. we need a five guys up in here stat

  5. Speaking of,  

    Bwog, interested in doing a few minutes of footwork/calling and posting a list of minimum purchase prices for Flex locations? I imagine it would be useful...

  6. i spoke  

    to a vendor who also asks for a minimum before flex. He said that Columbia charges more per transaction to the vendor than credit card companies do. So it's not us, it's them. Typical.

  7. disaffected  

    down with the Columbia administration. let's all go on a hunger strike now...

  8. Anonymous  

    Does Milano's take flex?

  9. allyoupeople  

    What's wrong with Debit or Credit cards?

  10. WhineyLiberal  

    Anybody else notice that it says "Rip-off" in the headline, which is exactly how I would describe the eateries around here.

  11. flex is dumb  

    flex off-campus is so dumb. why can't you just used a credit or debit card. it's just another way for parents to make their kids dependent by putting money in their flex account to fund their child's food purchases outside off campus.

    krebs has this "grand" idea that everything can be put on one card (the cuid). that is plain stupid. it's not like prospies are going to say "oh let me not get a debit card" because I can buy everything using my cuid. they can't and it's impossible to expect everything to go on the cuid.

    all this talk on flex is really just a big fiasco that has no value to the student body. ccsc has better things to do.

    • You are dumb  

      I'm sick of everyone assuming that everyone's Flex is financed by parents.

      • but...  

        A majority of Flex accounts *are* financed by mom 'n dad. (or mom 'n mom - or dad n' dad or... fill in your own post-nuclear-family combination here)

        Many parents/guardians/etc. won't necessarily fund their dependents with straight cash, but will fund Flex because it can't be used for nefarious purposes (i.e. drugs, booze, Ashley Dupre etc.) This is a "safe" way of making sure that little billy doesn't go hungry, and feel like a supportive parent.

        Off campus flex effectively acts as a funnel for parental money to neighborhood vendors.

        That some students fund their own meal plans is well and good, but it probably is a minority of of all Flex holders.

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