1. who  

    left flowers on furnald lawn?

  2. WOW  

    I've never seen one of these before!

  3. It's a squirrel!  

    A squirrel eating! ZOMG!

  4. every time i see a squirrel...  

    it makes me think of Brad Sullivan.

  5. Anonymous  

    Would this be considered an example of a squirrel being a 'good' squirrel and striving toward complete squirrel-ness?

  6. Anonymous  

    ^^^ Mercer.....

    i want to know the exact point at which the tomato becomes squirrel.

  7. Squirrel  

    Delicious delicious squirrel.

  8. what  

    is the value of this post? I am going to die in like eighty years.

  9. lol  

    he's eating a tomato

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