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Today is the last day of classes, finals are coming up very soon, and you know what this means: the time you have to enjoy the luxury of food will be dwindling due to studying. In these trying times, while most may turn to simple choices such as instant noodles or macaroni and cheese, we know that there are creative (see: desperate) chefs out there with… alternative solutions.

So Bwog wants to know: What do you do in these difficult times? Share your best and worst final foods recipes or stories! We’re looking for quick items cramming students can prepare, ideally without having to close a textbook, and that are vaguely “wholesome,” in the most liberal sense of the word. You can share them in the comments or email them to us at, preferably with pictures. Look for a roundup towards the end of the week!

To get us started, Lecture Hop Editor Mark Hay guides us through one of his crudest concoctions, pictured to the right and detailed after the jump.

The Sandwich of Hades


  • Bread
  • Jalapeno pepper slices
  • Special sauce (Thai dragon pepper and habanero)
    • Can be substituted with green pepper sauce or chipotle for a “zip” rather than a “zap”


  1. Spread sauce on bread
  2. Liberally cover with Jalapeno peppers (“if you can still see bread underneath all the peppers … it doesn’t count.”)
  3. Squash together
  4. Enjoy?

Bwog recommends everyone proceed with caution when dealing with this extraordinary amount of spices.

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  1. bwog  

    that's fucking disgusting.

  2. Suggestion  

    Go fire up the grill, slap on some pork chops, barbecue sauce, pineapple and brown sugar. Beer-can chicken, asparagus with brown butter caper dressing, watermelon and chili salt. Vanilla ice cream with caramel.

  3. WTF?

    That... thing pictured is horrifying.

    Suggestion: dress up the traditional mac and cheese with Gruyere cheese and truffle oil.

  4. Stephen D'Alessio

    half toast an english muffin in your toaster oven. take it out and put your favorite tomato sauce on and slices of cheese. slide back in until you have two bubbling pizzas. add anchovies, ham or pineapple chunks if you're frisky.

  5. Mmmm....

    Ramen with BBQ sauce and salt. Instant coffee - french vanilla creamer, lots of sugar. Adrenaline.

  6. poor college student  

    I had two-day old chicken and rice. Ketchup and ramen is muy bueno. btw, that Jalapeno sandwich looks horrifying.

  7. BC '13  

    Give the man some credit: that sandwich is bound to keep you buzzed for at least an hour. Good, albeit grody, study weapon.

  8. Surfin' UWS  

    Oh for God's sake; the drama.

    We're surrounded by no less than 27 restaurants, at least 14 of which deliver to your door. Anyone who pretends to eat virtually nothing during finals is clearly putting on a show.

    "Oh dear- My studies are so strenuous that I simply must make a jalapeno sandwich and send pictures of it to BWOG. Aren't I studious?" You're full of soft-serve crap, you goddamn poser.

    Now that chubby chick with the overcooked muffin top spilling over her sweats and the faint aroma of Chipotle chips; she knows true stress.

  9. two words

    sabra hummus. an entire tub. solid choice at 3 am, washed down by starbucks doubleshot.

    and the recaptcha: become posisoned.

  10. Anonymous  

    I make these kinds of sandwiches all the time. They're cheap, convenient, and sometimes delicious. I have no idea why some of the posters above are complaining...these are pretty good, helpful recipes

  11. Anonymous  

    screw you for making such offensive comments about a girl you a) don't know and b) expect to be a size 2 to please your conception of attractiveness. also, let's do a quick cost comparison: jalapeno sandwich vs. chipotle burrito. agreed that there are less revolting ways to eat cheaply, but you are being a sexist, presumptuous asshole

    • UFC  

      Haha...this is exactly the kind of fat chick we're talking about.

      Hey fattie, go lick that peanut butter from your face.

    • 420raider

      LOL so which fat girl are we talking about here?

    • guy

      "and expect to be a size 2 to please your conception of attractiveness." Dudes got no idea what a size 2 is. That whole system doesn't make any sense anyway - like isn't there a size 16 that could fit reasonably sized people, but really it should be eight times the size of a size 2, at least by volume, twice the size in every dimension. Size 16 women should be like ten feet tall.

      But for real it's women and a smaller proportion of particularly horrible stylish men who fuel this whole thing.

      For the rest of us, just don't have folds of fat hangin off ye it ain't good for health anyway.

  12. hmmm  

    am i the only person whose mouth immediately watered upon seeing the photo? i'm a whore for jalapenos.

  13. hungry  

    My drunken semester in Ireland taught me many things. If you can find flavored potato chips (UK import aisle?), get a bag of the chicken-flavored ones. Make a sandwich out of the chips with a good dollop of mayonnaise. It's like the most delicious, crunchy chicken sandwich ever. Or buy a can of Heinz baked beans, heat in microwave, and serve on toast (or just plain bread if you're desperate). Delicious. Life changing.

  14. seriously  

    it takes the same amount of time and costs roughly the same amount of money to make a normal sandwich with some semblance of nutritional value

    if you like eating jalepenos and bread, fine, but don't try to justify your perverse tastes as being a necessary evil during finals week

  15. Beans on Toast  

    For real.

  16. Uh...

    I think you'd spend more time on the toilet, regretfully pooping out that jalapeno/thai hot sauce sandwich, especially since the 2 slices of sandwich bread has very little fiber. But hey, it's still better than (or comparable to) sitting next to some one of you in Butler.

  17. Beans on toast 2

    best food ever. no need to eat anything else

  18. ummm  

    did bwog just get like AND dislike buttons?!?!?! HOLY SHIT!!!!! I'm so excited!!!

  19. Egg drop Ramen

    - 1 egg
    - 1 pack ramen (chicken is best)
    - 2 cups water
    - salt, soy sauce to taste

    1) Make ramen
    2) beat egg in bowl
    3) when you throw in the flavor packet, turn off the stove and slowly pour in the beaten egg, stirring consistently.
    4) add salt/soy sauce if you want.

  20. what ever happened milk and cereal?

  21. what's up  

    with posting only ONE senior wisdom and then nothing more?

  22. Surfin' UWS  

    Now that wouldn't be very eclectic and unique, would it?

    Hell, it might not even make it on the bwogs!


    i guess they only did one this year.

  24. Eliza  (Bwog Staff)  

    Easy, tigers; we'll be posting one senior wisdom a day from now on. On days when we publish campus characters, we won't post a senior wisdom. There's only one more campus character. Expect senior wisdoms daily from now until after finals.

  25. A Non-Ymous

    a) best brats-->buy brats. poke holes in them. soak them overnight in a large roasting pan filled with beer (e.g. bud, or whatevers cheap). broil in the roasting pan still filled with beer on a grill. then take them out and grill to taste. and you have grilled, broiled, beer-basted brats. yes.

    b) lake burger--> buy ground chuck. mix in a pinch of worchester sauce, chopped onion, chopped chedder cheese, lots of salt and pepper. mould into patty. grill patty. put (more) cheese on burger. yes.

  26. I think  

    This sandwich would give me hot and frothy diarrhea that would send me running to the Butler toilets every ten minutes or so, completely impeding my study sessions

  27. Lili  

    Gu's food calendar.

  28. Men,  

    especially, should eat avocados. They are good for your prostate (clinically proven to reduce the risk of prostate cancer) and for getting the good monosaturated fats that your heart needs (proven to lower bad cholesterol, raise the good), plus they are high in fiber (without tasting like it), potassium, and vitamin K (if you are not a big salad/green vegetable person, you could use that). Toast two slices of multi-grain bread, while its toasting cut up the avocado, which you will then spread all over those toasted slices. Add just a bit of sea salt. Maybe even some hot pepper flakes which you can discreetly steal from numerous places nearby. Fast, delicious, filling, healthy, and really not expensive. Perhaps you say, oh aren't avocados so calorific? They are not that calorific (they only seem so when compared to other fruits) and, again, this is quite filling. Perhaps you say, can I just buy guacamole? No, like most horribly addictive substances, prepared guacamole is often cut with nasty things. Since this post already sounds a bit hippy-dippy (like it was written by someone who's appeared on the cover of a Kashi Good Friends cereal box ), why don't I just hit it out of the park and also note that from the pit you can so damn easily make an avocado plant (yes, really second grade, kindergarten if you went to private school; no, it won't bear fruit up here, but it's a pretty plant--and only terrorists hate pretty plants) to keep you company when you are lonely and cruising the internet, alone and prone to posting way too long comments that won't impact anyone. Thank you, dearest avocado plant, dearest friend.

  29. Best finals study food  

    Diet Coke and Reese's Pieces.

  30. Sweet Potato Fries  

    1 sweet potato
    1 pinch paprika
    1 pinch cayenne pepper
    1 pinch salt
    1 tablespoon olive oil

    Preheat oven to 450 F. Wash and slice the sweet potato into thick fry-shaped wedges). Toss with olive oil, paprika, and cayenne pepper. Put on a tin-foil-covered cookie sheet. Bake 15 minutes, then take the sheet out and mix the fries around a bit, and bake for another 5-10 minutes. Tin-foil --> basically no clean up.

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