Today is the last day of classes, finals are coming up very soon, and you know what this means: the time you have to enjoy the luxury of food will be dwindling due to studying. In these trying times, while most may turn to simple choices such as instant noodles or macaroni and cheese, we know that there are creative (see: desperate) chefs out there with… alternative solutions.

So Bwog wants to know: What do you do in these difficult times? Share your best and worst final foods recipes or stories! We’re looking for quick items cramming students can prepare, ideally without having to close a textbook, and that are vaguely “wholesome,” in the most liberal sense of the word. You can share them in the comments or email them to us at, preferably with pictures. Look for a roundup towards the end of the week!

To get us started, Lecture Hop Editor Mark Hay guides us through one of his crudest concoctions, pictured to the right and detailed after the jump.

The Sandwich of Hades


  • Bread
  • Jalapeno pepper slices
  • Special sauce (Thai dragon pepper and habanero)
    • Can be substituted with green pepper sauce or chipotle for a “zip” rather than a “zap”


  1. Spread sauce on bread
  2. Liberally cover with Jalapeno peppers (“if you can still see bread underneath all the peppers … it doesn’t count.”)
  3. Squash together
  4. Enjoy?

Bwog recommends everyone proceed with caution when dealing with this extraordinary amount of spices.