Free Ice Cream And Fixins!

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Treats are everywhere! (Sike) The boys of Lambda Phi Epsilon are hoping to make your final official study day a good one: they’ll be serving free ice cream and root beer floats from 4-6 today on Ancel Plaza in front of EC. Thanks, fellas!

Update, 4 PM: More from the wacky world of CU free food: people are giving out peanut M&Ms outside Butler. Those with nut allergies, be warned.

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  1. Misled  

    That picture is so incredibly misleading =(

  2. Anonymous  

    that's so sweet of them!

  3. Anonymous  

    Great job guys!

  4. Anonymous

    yay gummy bears!!!!

  5. Anonymous  

    very tasty

  6. Anonymous  

    they should have more of these events i <3 ice cream! :3

  7. Jonathan Wang  

    some asshole kept on throwing ice at me...

  8. Anonymous  

    yummmm.... i had so much ice cream ^_^

  9. Anonymous  

    mmm root beer floats

  10. Jason Sun  

    Whoever planned this event is brilliant.

  11. Lee Bollinger  

    I like gummy bears. But when I got there they had run out >=(

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