Senior Wisdom: Ron Gejman

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Name, school: Ron Gejman, CC

Claim to fame: Computer nerd extraordinaire! No, but really, I ran CULPA for the past couple years and revamped it a bit (remember what it used to look like?). I also designed the super-graphic—but ridiculously effective—posters that got put up all over campus during Ahmadinejad week.

Where are you going? I’m going to work in a lab for a year in NYC while I apply to MD-PhD programs. Wish me luck!

Three things you learned at Columbia:

  1. CU Housing doesn’t understand rules of grammar and consequently interprets its own rules incorrectly.
  2. The walk from Butler to EC at sunrise after finishing a paper is GLORIOUS.
  3. Reading week is the best time to work on all the important things you neglected all semester because you finally have something more important to neglect.

Justify your existence in 30 words or less: I got tickets to both Ahmadinejad and Obama-McCain. I was clearly placed on Earth for a reason.

Would you rather give up oral sex or cheese? You can take the lactase away from the man, but you can’t take the man away from his cheese.

Any advice for the Class of 2014?

  1. Make a group of close friends early on and stick with them all four years.
  2. Learn how to teach. Find a way to tutor, TA or lecture. You will not regret the time commitment and it will impact EVERY aspect of your life for the better.
  3. Make friends with seniors every year. They know what’s up and are a great source of advice.

Any regrets? Not sleeping on the roof of SIPA or ever participating in Holi.

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  1. See  

    Actually has a job and is going for a MD-PHD. This is what a Columbia student should be. THANK YOU BWOG.

  2. Anonymous  

    Good luck Ron! See you at the Virology final. oh yeah, good TA; I may have blocked Mowshowitz from my memories, but I don't forget my TA's.

  3. Anonymous  

    good guy. good guy


    Chad Kia forever!

  5. He is...  

    hairy jew-fro man.

  6. I actually  

    don't know this kid, but this advice--WORD. As a fellow senior, he knows his shit. Listen up froshies.

  7. anon  

    did you hear about that Ron Gejman?

  8. Anonymous  

    Looks like Seth Rogan in Superbad.

  9. RON!!  

    Ron is awesome!!! total great guy! so for all you McDouches trying to find something clever to say at his expense, save it.

  10. Anonymous  

    oh boy... cheese indeed. too much information. vomit vomit

  11. Nope  

    Definitely regretting TAing as I grade pointless homeworks instead of studying/enjoying the weather.

    Word on the MD-PhD though. Good luck!

  12. HOLI  

    holi holi holi holi yayyy

  13. holi  

    you can always do holi next year while you do research in nyc!

    goodluck with the md-phd!

  14. Anonymous  

    super jew fro and a future doctor- ron gejman's a catch, ladies.

  15. woah  

    a senior wisdom post without controversy. i am shocked! :O

  16. Anonymous

    Intelligent, driven, and also surprisingly down to earth. A rare quality, and I'm honored to be his friend.

  17. i think . . .  

    i gave him a massage during midterm mental health break, it was magical.

  18. Ron Gejman was my TA.  

    He brought us candy! Ron is baller.

  19. Ron  

    is awesome. I've only met him a couple of times, but he seems so chill, especially with all of his accomplishments.

  20. This man

    makes a mean shakshuka.

  21. Anonymous

    He is a great TA and has an amazing future ahead of him! Congrats!

  22. Anonymous  

    I hear he's hung like a moose... Anyone care to speculate as to the truth of that assertion? Anyone know?

  23. yep

    my vjj is wet for ron

  24. The real senior wisdom  

    should be to stay off culpa, it's far too biased to get any good information

  25. Anonymous  

    The succubus post was deleted, but you kept a "which bitch would you rather marry?" post up? Oh well.

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