Senior Wisdom: Sari Ancel

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Name, school: Sari Ancel, SEAS

Claim to fame: I broke my foot last semester while receiving a hug.  And, in 2008, I was the first person assassinated in CU Assassins.

Where are you going? Right now I’m writing this on the subway on my way to buy one pound of red wiggler worms for a composting project.  If you’re referring to my whereabouts post May 18, then your guess is as good as mine.  Maybe I should take this opportunity to offer up my soprano whistling, alphabetizing, and bicycle brake fixing skills.  Employers: take note.

Three things you learned at Columbia:

  1. It is constantly going to seem like you have an unmanageable amount of work.  It always gets finished with plenty of time left over for fun.
  2. Walking around campus listening to headphones is the easiest way to miss out on Columbia life.
  3. The bathroom in 212 next to the ATM is often running low on toilet paper.  Anecdotal evidence suggests the same is true for the men’s restroom (you know who you are).  Save your toilet paper intensive activities for somewhere else.

Justify your existence in 30 words or fewer: I can’t dance like this.  But I won’t die until I can.

Any war stories from the War on Fun? Junior year, after an Anything But Clothes themed party, my suite incurred a long list of false accusations from our RA on an incident report.  At the end of the long disciplinary process, I ended up with a minor punishment and, surprisingly, a nomination to the Judicial Affairs Advisory Board representing “someone who has been through the process.”  Later in the year, after Ruggles experienced a string of party shut-downs, my suite may or may not have been one of the 10+ suites that took part in the All-Ruggles Party.  I was happy to help that same RA get some exercise running up and down the stairs trying to get a handle on the situation.

Would you rather give up oral sex or cheese? Oral sex.  As a native Wisconsinite and self-proclaimed “cheesehead,” I don’t really understand the difficulty of this decision.  There is no replacement for cheese.

Any advice for the Class of 2014? Stop and Chat > Wave Hello > Awkward Ignore…

Awkwardly ignoring someone you know is not only super mean but also not worth the effort of pretending to not know them (e.g. fake texting, feigning sudden interest in lawn trimmings).  Just smile or say “hi.”  2014, this is perfect for Orientation Week when you make 150 new best friends in one day and you can’t remember someone’s name. [Side note: never be embarrassed to ask someone their name.]  The Stop and Chat, however, is by far the superior option.  It will help you stay updated with friends that you don’t get to see as often as you like.  And, as you are rushing from a lab in Mudd to a meeting in Lerner, the stop and chat will keep you sane / put a smile on your face.

Also, do COOP! Seriously, best decision you’ll ever make.

Any regrets? Splinching myself while apparating. I had to spend 3 weeks at St. Mungo’s – Roosevelt on 114th.

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  1. Anonymous  

    Points for the HP reference.

  2. Anonymous  

    cool. I like her. not a tool.

  3. This is  

    wonderful! Easily the best Senior Wisdom yet. And SO TRUE about the "stop and chat" business. I'll never understand why so many people pretend to not know you at this school...

    Yay Sari! :D

  4. Anonymous  

    best senior wisdom thus far. never seen this girl in my life but i loved it.

  5. abby  

    yeyyy sari!!!! i love you, little guy

  6. Anonymous  

    Good Senior wisdom although I disagree with the headphones bit. Walking around Columbia while listening to music always makes me fall more in love with the beauty of Columbia.

  7. pretty good, but  

    JG: Why didn't you say hello to him? You know him.
    LD: I know. He wanted to do a stop-and-chat. I didn't want to do a stop-and-chat.

    i hate stop-and-chats.

  8. Alum

    i love sari!!! sari, this is your favorite EEE 2009 friend :)

  9. japaaan  

    i love sari!

  10. fuck yeah  


  11. True story  

    I was not one of the 150 new friends Sari had orientation week because we both mutually thought the other was weird, but now--and most likely due to the stop-and-chat technique--we have shared the 23 greatest nights of our lives.


  12. COOOOP!!!  

    1) So far, no negative comments about Sari
    2) Sari is COOP leader
    3) COOP leaders rule.
    4) in a comment supporting COOP my reCAPTCHA is "the tents"

  13. little known  

    fact. That's me in the yelle video

  14. Anonymous  

    That video looks like the European "straight" man's version of voguing. I highly approve.

  15. She has a beautiful name  

    and probably the most honest and genuine senior wisdom I've read: no pretentiousness, no trying to sound cool just for laughs. Love the "Walking around campus listening to headphones is the easiest way to miss out on Columbia life." -- we need to to turn around this antisocial stereotype, Columbia!!!

    • Anonymous  

      maybe this is why she got a senior wisdom in the first place. she wasn't on student council or anything, she is just well-known as an awesome, friendly person.

  16. GoBop  

    Poop stories for the win!

  17. cyrena

    sari, i think you are super and our friendship has been sustained by stop-and-chats since freshman year. thanks for telling me the time today.

  18. Anonymous  

    Sari Ancel is top 5 best seniors. not just for senior wisdom. or for COOP. or for SEAS. or for Wisconsin. just ever.

  19. Anonymous  

    Also Bwog, I'm not trying to be "that person", but where are the minorities? As awesome as all the senior wisdoms have been so far, it wouldn't hurt to diversify, ya know?

  20. ropper  

    sari is hands down one of the top 10 most awesome people I know at this school. we've never been super tight friends, but she was always one of the first girls down for shirts off o'clock (what up coop) and that means a lot

  21. Why  

    do so many of the graduating seniors seem so aimless? They're all really proud to say, "I have, like, NO idea what I'm doing next year! And it's great!"

    I figure a decent way to show appreciation for my parents is to have SOME sense of what I'm going to do with my $200,000+ degree. I guess these seniors don't agree.

    • I  

      completely agree with you. It is blatantly disrespectful to just not care what you are doing with that 200K degree your parents invested in you.My parents would kick my ass if I were these kids!

      Also unrelated (atleast I think) but why is everybody white so far?

    • Anonymous  

      Your 200k degree doesn't disappear because you take some time to figure out your life. Why not enjoy your life a bit before wasting it on finance/med/law because that's what you/peers think is successful?

    • meh  

      I paid a grand total of $0 dollars for my degree. Financial aid and scholarships covered all of it. So, I guess I'm cool with being unemployed/underemployed.

      • That's  

        really great for you. I haven't gotten a penny of financial aid, not because I'm rich, but because my parents don't have any debt. So -- my parents actually expect something of me when I graduate.

    • tools!  

      I am sure that you have all worked really hard to get those sticks up your asses, but maybe you should remove them for a second to have a reality check: jobs are hard to find!!!!

      As someone who did not get financial aid and is not going to be supported by parents after graduation, I can say that saying that you are jobless is not the easiest thing to admit, but how is it any worse than other students who are going to be increasing their debt when they rush into grad programs without taking the time to find direction in their lives.

    • whatever  

      eh, you're forgetting about These Economic Times.
      most jobs in NYC have upwards of 250 applicants. many of us are simply not getting jobs. its not like we dont try.
      now go get rid of the sandshrew in your vagina and stop whining about other peoples' lives :)

      • Non-senior  

        Seriously. I don't think anyone is actually thrilled that they don't have a job secured. I'm sure that must be a pretty scary feeling. But this is Bwog, and it's Senior Wisdom, and that means people are going to tear you to pieces no matter what you say. I doubt that anybody wants to be the person who's like "yeah guys, I have no job yet, it's going to suck and I'm totally freaked out and wondering how long it's going to take me to find something in this economy." So maybe lay off a little bit.

      • Anonymous  

        you inadvertently hit the nail on the head. There are too many applicants for jobs in New York and too few jobs. Fine, couldn't you go look somewhere else where there are more available jobs?
        The issue is that kids come to New York for college and then feel entitled to stay for the rest of their lives, when they would probably be more successful/happy somewhere else. All of the unemployed so far plan to do something like bum around New York, when they could probably take their CU degree and run with it elsewhere in America.

    • Alum

      maybe some people found a way to pay for their own 200k degree instead of relying on their parents. or maybe this chick's plans after grad are none of your damn business.

  22. Nuriel Moghavem

    This woman has taught me unmentionable things.

  23. i wish

    i had been friends enough with this girl for a stop and chat!

  24. Sari  

    is f*ing amazing. True story.

  25. let's  

    not forget the innocent victim of the stop-and-chat: the co-walker

  26. Hey-oh  

    Sari's legit.

  27. Sari  

    just single-handedly coined the term "stop-and-chat." Let's hear some applause!

  28. Anonymous

    Another failure with no job, thats 3 for 3 bwog....

    • Dude

      If you want to get a job in finance or consulting, or get into law or medical school (or business school, although a lot of businesspeople consider even Harvard Business School a laughable waste of time) it is pretty easy to do so. It then becomes hard to do something else.

      I'd consider a lot of people going into those fields to be worse off because of the huge opportunity costs of their chosen career.

      Anyway this Sari seems like a great person.

  29. Javi  

    Sari, you complete me... Can't you see? It's you... It's always been you. I fucking love you, god damn it!

    I'll wait for you.

    You'll be mine one day.

  30. Javi  

    Sari, I fucking love you, god damn it!

    I also want you to know that it's you... It's always been you.

    It's time for you to open your eyes. When you do, I'll be here waiting.

  31. 2010er  

    Fellow seniors - Anybody have any extra graduation tickets they don't need? I'm just looking for one. If you can help me out, please just reply to this post - Thanks in advance!

  32. Anonymous

    but yes... you're perfectly right. BWOG isn't \becoming known\– it IS known for providing the space for people to be rude and insensitive. My guess... that very quality is what will ensure its obsolescence as people get tired of the same old, same old.

    • Anonymous  

      You must befrom Spec.

      • Anonymous

        not from Spec... just someone who thinks BWOG could be so much better as a communication and community blog without the Jerry Springer (Bitch box, really?) tactics.

        • Eliza  (Bwog Staff)

          The Bitch Box was a place for people to hang out, eat donuts, and get massages. The 'Bitch' element was a place for people to complain NOT on the Internet, i.e not about each other. We have no interest in being a community for hate, and that's why we hosted Bitch Box anyway: have a massage, write it down, and don't talk shit about each other on the Internet. Bwog is a place for community, in that many people read it and many people comment, and if people are upset and want to write negative comments, as long as they don't violate our comment policy, they can write those comments. We don't have the ability or desire to dictate the way that Columbia community works- we just cover it, and hope that people come to Bwog to chat and see what's going on.

          • Eliza  (Bwog Staff)

            I should add that if you have any general comments or suggestions on how Bwog can become even more of a community for Columbians, please email me at Thanks for reading, we mean that very truly.

  33. Anonymous  


  34. Sari

    Sari! Sari! Sari! Sari!

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