Ajeet Singh Matharu, History Grad Student, Passes Away In India

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Very sad news today: Ajeet Singh Matharu, a History student in the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, passed away in a car crash in India on July 26th.

Beyond Columbia, Ajeet taught 9th, 11th and 12th grade students at the Brooklyn Academy of Science and the Environment. He was also a prominent member of the New York Sikh community.

Watch an interview with Ajeet about his teaching here, some words about his life from a friend here, and a video honoring his life here.

Bwog sends our deepest condolences to Ajeet’s friends and family.



  1. CC 13

    Never knew him, but I watched the videos and he truly seems like an great guy. What a tragedy.

  2. WTF, God?

    Dropping like flies this summer..

  3. Anonymous

    One doesn't "pass away" in a car crash. They are killed in a car crash.

  4. Insensitive

    There are times to argue about semantics and then there are times to let it go. Rest in peace, Ajeet

  5. Anonymous

    It's a shame I never got to meet him. He seems to have been a great source of kindness and joy.

  6. meh2191

    He was one of those people you instantly like. He was passionate about his studies, an inquisitive mind, and a kind soul. Ajeet, I did not get to know you nearly as well as you deserved to be known, but I and the world are both better for having known you so long as we did. Rest in peace, friend.

  7. Nadya

    Ajeet, you are were an amazing person. You lived the example life that we should all live. You were so helpful to me in hindi class, you were always funny, sarcastic, and so colorful in the way that you would read dialogues! I miss you already=( May God grant you a place in heaven where you will be happy always. You gave me advice about college that has touched me, and that I can never forget. You are an inspiration, and we all miss you dearly.

  8. Anonymous

    Love you and what you stood for man...Jini Naam Dhiayia Gae Masakat Ghaal Nanak Te Mukh Ujale Keti Chutti Naal

  9. Anonymous

    It has been over a month and each day I think of Ajeet. I think about his smiling face and his gentle voice. I think about his silly sense of humor and our serious conversations. I think about the meals and bike rides we shared. I think about how I want to be more like Ajeet.

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