Morningside Heights Is The Nexus Of Technology

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The MTA has no money, but is using its no-money to make these little robot machines called subway indicators all along the 1 line (that’s the “red line” to you, Class of 2014) this summer.

Until they actually take away Unlimited Metrocards, we’re not complaining, because this is a fantastic device that allows you to stop asking “When is the train going to come?” and other questions no one knows the answer to. Existentialism: c’est fini.

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  1. Anonymous

    "(that’s the “red line” to you, 2014)".... what do you mean by this bwog? Link?

    • Eliza  (Bwog Staff)

      Because the 1 (2/3) is red, the same way the N/R/W is yellow, the same way the 4/5/6 is green. That's the color on the circles around the 1. And many people who come to New York for the first time (like freshmen) refer to lines by their colors- a practice that is common in other cities, but not in ours- instead of by their numbers or letters (i.e the F is not the orange line). That's all I meant, so I figured no link necessary.

    • uuuummmmm

      92% of the time, like seriously dude, get with the program you damn freshman.

    • um...  

      Any New Yorker worth his or her salt would never refer to the subway line that services Morningside Heights as the "Red Line". That's slang more appropriate for the Boston T and/or Washington Metro.

      It's the 1 Train, or the IRT 7th Ave/Broadway Local. The 2/3 are the IRT 7th Ave Express.

      Although it will be very odd when one of the new subway lines (IND 2nd Ave) is called the T. Too much intermingling of public transportation vernacular!

      • Actually...

        I'm trying to cut down on my sodium. No salt for me.

      • Frustrated New Yorker

        GODDAMN I HATE THE T. What was I thinking living in Boston during the summer? My nighttime activities are scheduled around the last train leaving which is rather annoying. And the Green line stops for traffic lights and cars wtf? Public transportation should get the right of way. So inefficient, it makes me want to cry.

      • Bostonian

        "red line" is not slang for the Boston T... it's the actual name of the line. No one says "oh, I'll just hop on the Alewife..."

  2. the 9

    was a waste anyway. just a 1 with skip/stops.

  3. Train arrival indicators  

    I first saw these in the London Metro over 20 years ago--I can't believe it's taken this long for NYC to catch up! A marvellous improvement, though.

  4. Disgruntled, Ignored Historian  


    How could you write something -- anything -- about the subway system of New York City without paying due homage to WILLIAM BARCLAY PARSONS CC 1879 Mines 1881, later Chairman of the Board of Trustees, who, among other things, BUILT THE DAMN SYSTEM?!



    Disgruntled, Ignored Historian

  5. Dear Bwog

    Words cannot express how much I hate you guys. As we fight our way northward into the great unknown, only that one thing remains certain: that I hate you guys with every tired muscle in my Confederate body. We have taken Topeka, and now I must lolly the men over to Missouri. Because I will not stop until we have won it all, and you guys are my slaves. Because, I hate you guys. I hate you guys so very very much.

  6. you mean

    Morningside Heights is the Vag ("Diana") of Technology

  7. This Lifetime New Yorker...

    say "the red line."

    e.g. "The Red Line is a piece of shit."

  8. Anonymous


  9. Eckhart Tolle

    One always has the ability to stop asking, "When is my train going to come?"

    Do not wait for the train. Be in the moment, on the platform, and recognize that the clock is just a manifestation of your fellow commuters' pain-body.

  10. You know what's even stupider?

    MTA, with its no-money, installed air conditioners in Times Square at the 4,5,6 train terminals (green line for you freshmen). I mean like, 92% of the time, theyre awesome. But the other 8% of the time, it creates a huge heat sink every where else and energy lost to the surroundings = more hotter subway terminals, which is inversely proportional to the amount of clothing girls wear, so everyone is happy.

  11. Do you know how I know you're retarded?

    You just asserted that I'm gay because I expressed my adoration for a girl, albeit jokingly. Jesus christ, do you even go to this school? And if so, I didn't know that Columbia housed a special education program...

  12. jailbreak your ipod or iphone  

    type on safari!

  13. Anonymous

    I received a fake email from CUIT claiming that they are upgrading our email client and need password information. Clearly this is fake, as cuit never updates anything.

    People should be aware of the scammers

  14. Disgruntled Boss

    46 comments on this, interns? Make copies, not comments

  15. mtahater

    Credit should be given where it is due. Though probably expensive, this is a welcome improvement. However-- and correct me if I'm wrong-- it seems the MTA is installing these devices in the least trafficked areas first. A few weeks ago they appeared at 110, and only recently at 116, while they have yet to be installed for example at 96 or 72. I guess we can credit this pattern to the MTA's usual efficiency and good sense.

  16. Incidentally,

    I don't think I've seen so many unusual comments in a summer posting before. Is it the economy? Has the school begun screening admissions candidates for bwog-commenting potential?

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