BwogWeather Episode 1: The Weather Is Lovely

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Hi, guys. This is the first installation of our weekly Bwog weather report. It’s sort of a trailer, as you’ll see from the critical acclaim in the video. We’ll be doing this every week, and Pat Blute, who you may know as Dean Quigley from V115, or as the generally incredibly funny and nice dude that he is, will be your host. He will tell you the weather in silly ways, but we promise that he will always actually tell you the weather. Your weekly forecast will be brought to you by Accuweather, since we don’t fuck with that shit. It’s an experiment, and we need your help in a few ways: a good title for the feature (leave suggestions in the comments) and we want as many of you as possible to be involved the Bwog weather report. If you want Pat to drop by your club meeting and announce the weather, he will. If you are on the football team and want Pat to stand on the field while you’re playing and say the weather, then he will. So let us know at Without further ado: your weather! Full-screen for the full effect. Thank you times twelve to our cameraman Zak Dychtwald.

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  1. Title suggestion...  

    "Weather or...not"

  2. Pat Blute  

    could bless us all

  3. ...  

    Espoused: The Climate of Fear

  4. ...  

    Cloudy with a Chance of Batshit
    Bloody Weather of Gore
    Tempesta Populi
    The Climate Skeptic

  5. better weather

  6. mike cera  

    bahahaha thank you pat blute. thank you.

  7. Hooah

    Climate climax
    Bwog weather ... it's hott.
    Cloudy with a Chance of Updates
    It's Raining Bwog!
    Raindrops Keep Falling on My Bwog
    Here Comes the BwogWeather
    Let It Bwog, Let it Bwog, Let it Bwog!
    Bwog Bweather

  8. who did this editing?  

    cooooool shot of low plaza!

  9. Perhaps...

    Mr. Tornado (Pat Blute's weatherman alter-ego, duh.)

  10. Anonymous  

    Or just \Bweather\

  11. Anonymous

    This is great! Thank you bwog

  12. the weather  

    is far TOO casual

  13. homegurlz  

    forever!! we love you patty!

  14. AccuWeather sucks is where its at, bwog.

  15. how about calling it

    Bweather log ?

  16. Anonymous

    dear bwog,
    you're fucking adorable. i love you more and more each day. keep up the good work!
    your secret admirer

  17. Who me?

    It should be titled "Eliza xplayns the werld"

  18. Anonymous  

    this is mediumly genius. also i am in favor of "bweather". "bwog weather" is also sufficient, we don't have to fuck around with froofy names.

  19. For all the lovers of Will

    The Tempest

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